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Census Day

It comes round every 10 years. I looked in my photos. I wanted to see what I was doing this day 10 years ago. Nothing! It was not a day I took a photo that is accessible on my existing active archives. Photos are spread across Dropbox, Google Photos and external hard drives. 

It was before I regularly used Google Calendar. I have paper notebooks and my annual accounts.

I did find a My Year 2011 review.

At the end of the year 2011 illustrating March has me live-streaming and blogging at Ecobuild for Architects Journal.


I have to do one of these for 2021. My year of mindfulness. The last decade has been a strange adventure.

What were you doing in March 2011?

Two infographics found to give context to what the census revealed in 2011 and what was discovered about the decade leading to 2011. I expect 2011 - 2021 will be out soon.

Social Media in 2011


Data mapping the change from 2001 - 2011