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Doing battle with the planet and myself.

CGYOOMH - scrapbook nostalgia

Audiences are hard to build. Marketing takes strategy, insight and time. Events without delivery are just ideas. Not all ideas are good ideas and the best ideas have to be tried and tested.
Knowledge is power. People with knowledge are powerful. Power without focus is chaos. It feels like we live in a chaotic world. How do we begin to tame it? Can it ever be?

Today’s failed and failing experiment is an attempt to entice fellow knowledge seekers to talk about something with substance.

The 6 week series is covering Adam Curtis’s Can’t Get You Out If My Head. Episode was conspiracy and power. Very simplistic and runs as a theme across the series.

I’m not an academic and I’m not remotely clever. I’ve been reflecting recently on the notion of Extraordinarily Ordinary. It’s how I feel. Not special, I’ll never be important but I still want to aspire, achieve and attain a sense of satisfaction.
Achievement in one goal can be a failure of an other. But still I proceed. 

Today I was joined by an artist full of colour and flare and life lived. An artist unashamedly an artist a success in claiming the name. Is she? I think so. Does she? Yes and No I expect.

The first Curtis episode is its own beginning. There is a style to Curtis’s work and it’s raw yet crafted. It feels new with a sense of scrapbook nostalgia. It’s construction is undeniably intended but has intangible conceit. 

Planning events I host are hard to market as my time goes of delivering projects and events for others to earn a living. If I only delivered my own events that were sufficiently marketed I’d never deliver a thing.

Yeah... sleep now.