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Enlightenment in the Midlands

Mindfulness in March - Seeing Red.

Visual text overload. It’s a Dyslexia thing. There is only so much interpretation of squiggly lines forming letters combined to form words, strung into sentences I can process. On top of that their is the expected reciprocal text return.

I’m just searching for some mental equilibrium. 

I just want to listen or talk.I visited Clubhouse and Stereo. Nothing grabbed my attention. I considered firing up a conversation but on Stereo swiping through the available people I got shy and wasn’t sure how I’d start a conversation. 

Then I looked for an online piece of theatre but where to start and I don’t really have time for a full length show. What about a podcast? There is part of me that wants live right now. So after scrolling a few update feeds in Facebook and Linked in I remembered I forgot to watch my fellow Equity Online Branch committee member and sharer of my first name Caron Reidy’s YouTube monologue screening. I’m going to do that.

Here is the link. Caron’s monologue “Red” starts at 26”50’

Recorded media is a fabulous technology. I’ve not seen Caron perform live on stage. I haven’t seen any TV episodes. Before COVID it would have just been showreels. This was a wonderful treat. And a genuinely good performance.