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Neurodiversity Affinity - #Dyslexia and All

Neurodiversity Affinity - #Dyslexia and All

West Midlands Neurodiversity Theatre Network met this evening. This was my first time. Thank you Tracey Briggs fellow dyslexia. The host was Birmingham playwright Matthew Gabrelli

Holly Clark was his guest, a midlands based theatre maker who iscurrently developing an arts council supported project about dyspraxia.She shared with us her experiences working with an access worker to support the completion of her recent successful Arts Council Application.

I was surprised at how at ease I felt. I didn’t want to hide my divergence. I was curious to know how the others would express theirs. I need not have worried. There was a comradely clarity we just knew. I hope the others felt the same. We shared.

I will be looking for a support worker to help align my world view moire patterns I inevitably have to tackle to put pen to paper.