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#ResetBetter - fix the workplace post COVID.

PCM Packages - tied up with a big purple crypto silk ribbon.

Since the start of last years lockdown I’ve had the opportunity to develop the deliverables at the heart of PCMcreative.


Bespoke solution to podcast, livestream, create content even host and produce online and hybrid events all in a super secure flight case.


Cloud or Ground hybrid event production with your audience at its core. 

Apps & Technology Play

Innovative research, development with digital and augmented engagement the priority. Gamification, Geolocation, Raspberry Pi, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and further voyages of crypto discovery.

Projects got funding and now I’m doing amazing stuff. I’ve always found it hard to market and promote what I do. I love what I do and those on my projects and the clients enjoy the results. They are beginnings. They are foundations. 
My clients and collaborators shine and thrive. 

Currently active packages I’m working on...

  • 1 day conference
  • 1/2 day workshop series
  • Monthly lecture series
  • Instagram AR mini game
  • QRcode quiz trailNetwork of 6 Raspberry
  • Pi smart screensAudio guide mobile app
  • Ambient Geo visitor eBook

3 phase tech box

  • Media making for social
  • Podcasting, YouTube studio and Web video production
  • Hybrid Event streaming provision 

Also I’m excited about 2 venue (on the ground) based events with blended hybrid capacity are on the drawing board. 

A 1 day workshop and a 3 day Hackathon 

Ooo and to end this post...

a stage production is in early finance planning for funding and investment. I’ve had this potential show in my mind my entire career. It’s hardwired into the name I use for my business. PCMcreative is the burning ambition to produce that show.