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Amazon Smile - Donate to your fav Charity with every purchase.

Do you work with Charities and Use Amazon?

Are you using Amazon Smile? I know Amazon isn’t everyones cup of tea. It is with gritted teeth I write this post now but if I can get just a fraction of my Amazon expenditure diverted to my charities it is a good thing. 

As a trustee of SafetyCurtain a charity providing small grants to performers living in countries that are scarred by extreme poverty, hardship and/or devastating ongoing conflict.

This post is conceived as I’m sourcing the links and cover art for children books selected for the Sound Me a Story music story making workshop for tomorrow I’m digital stage-managing for Spark Arts for Children. I was wondering if I could create QRcodes to the books which linked to Sparks AmazonSmile ID.


If you shop through the AmazonSmile (in the UK site Amazon will make a donation at a percentage of the purchase value to the charity you nominate. the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organisation of your choice.

Go to and log in as you would to

AmazonSmile is a programme where Amazon donates to a charity of your choice,at no cost to you - all donations are paid for by Amazon.Support your charity when you shop.

Find your Charity. All registered charities are listed you need to claim yours.

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