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How to create strong unique passwords you will always remember on every platform.

Pick a random item on your desk


Make up your rules
You need a capital and a number

2 as an r

all A’s as capitals 


next you need a symbol

I tend to put this on the end but can be inside the word you just created. Some password systems don’t allow a symbol so with this password generation you do have to remember 2 versions one with symbol and one without.

I find very few these days that don’t accept a symbol. So on this example I’m going to use the dollar $ symbol.

Next is the unique remembering for each platform, site, service or app, a version of the platform, site, service or app’s name you will remember. 

so facebook, twitter, insta,




Now lets test them out





Checking my own as a comparison… using my own secret recipe, now yours I checked a couple of my own! Obviously this example isn’t my password! 

This was my old routine before I applied this technique This has now been changed!!


You may ask why I don’t use password manager. I move between devised with my own services and log into client services on a frequent basis from multiple devises and machines. I have to remember to not tick the remember on devise box too.

With a password manager I’d either have to check the app each time plus as a dyslexic transferring from one screen and typing in to another is a level of stress only dyslexics will appreciate! If you only use the same devises all the time I recommend considering a password manager.

I do use the Google password manager and the default Mac manager. I am still making my way through the Google manger’s recommendation to update passwords on long old accounts I now never use but exist non the less and use my old password system.

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