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It’s EquityUK’s Committee Elections. Who will stand with me?

Equity UK - the trade union for performers and performance creatives.

I have to say Equity don’t make this easy. I’m an Equity stalwart and union advocate but boy even I had to get the link I’ve put above from a Facebook group post started by people who couldn’t find the link!

Once you have all the information, the What, Erm, Oh, Cool, OK the nomination form, the “Let’s do this” bit is where I expected it to be. In the members sign in from and centre but without the What, Erm, Oh, Cool, OK I felt unprepared for the final assent! A horse cantering unto the fence only to refuse at the moment of jump!

Todays post on April 20th is my journey to submitting my nomination to stand as a candidate for election to 1 of the 9 seats on the Stagemanagement Committee.

Nominations have to be in by noon on Friday May 7th.
So here is what you need. Two people to back you, a proper and seconder. Don’t worry if you stumble at that hurdle while reading this. I can help you with that so read on and then if you still want to stand but don’t know who to ask as proposer or seconder email me - [email protected]

You are encouraged to submit an election statement of up to 150 words. Equity suggests that statements answers these four questions:

What is your experience in the area covered by the committee?

What do you want the committee to achieve in the next two years?

What do you believe you will be able to contribute to the committee?

What is your experience in Equity?

I’m standing for the Stagemanagement Committee. I have sat on this committee before but in recent years my digital work behind the scenes floor managing livestreams and podcast production as well as digital stage-management ironically prior to Covid these digital engagements were not recognised as eligible experience to qualify me to stand for the stage-management committee. In the light of the pandemic my digital perspective and skills built up over the years seem more relevant than ever.

Since lockdown I’ve been in digital theatre heaven! Sharing skills, Zoom especially and insights to content creation as well and production curation. My greatest desire is to encourage blending of the audience experience as much as the digital translation of live on the ground performing with digitally augmented cloud performance.

As an SM I find my self mediating between production and creation.

I may not get elected but at least if I’m allowed to stand I have a chance.


Here is the info posted in 12 February 2021

Nominations for Equity's Committees 2021 have opened.

Equity is committed to ensuring that we are a powerful industrial force and that every voice in the union is heard. To achieve this the Equity Council has created a structure for the union’s network of committees, at the heart of which are three influential industrial committees — Screen and New Media, Stage and Variety, Circus and Entertainers — with the authority to conduct negotiations. These committees, made up of members with recent experience of relevant work and elected by members with similar experience, are at the forefront of improving pay and conditions for members. Supporting them are five specialist committees — Audio, Dance, Singers, Stage Management and Directors and Designers — all made up of members with recent relevant working experience.

There are also committees of members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, three equality committees — d/Deaf and Disabled; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender; and Women — and a Young Members’ Committee. A fourth equality committee, the Race Equality Committee, was elected in a by-election in 2020 to serve until 2023.

These committees are an important part of the union’s democracy and a dynamic force for change. With the support of the Equity Council they are taking forward the industrial agenda, driving the union’s policy making and ensuring that the voice of working members is heard at the centre of the union’s work.

For more information and to stand for election, visit this page on Committee Nominations 2021.

The above link takes you to a page with the following text
Nominations for the Equity Committees are now open. We encourage members who are eligible to stand for election for the next two year committee term and all the information you need is in these pages, including the online nomination form.

The closing date for the receipt of all nomination is noon on May 7th 2021.
If you stand do let me know.

If you are eligible to vote I do hope you cast me a vote.
Stand for Equity’s Committees 2021