Sound Me a Story... and Zoom
Vaccine - Jab 1

Lunchtime Livestream S4|E4 - First Jab & Unconference

These live streams are just about doing them. It's a simple goal but immediately achievable and I make media. I intend to make more focused work but the nature of my dyslexia means the ideas in my head all occupied the same space. The space of Here, Now and immediate decision making. I need to put some space in my brain. I need to increase my capacity to track and develop ideas.

I want to up my game in terms of studio presentation but I know that requires some extra prep and some design work. So much to do and my mind to structure it. I take small steps. I keep moving forward. Here is episode 4.



Devoted & Disgruntled

Next event: 28th April, 2021 at 1:00 - 4:30 pm



A Time to Vent and a Time to Revive! A Conversation for Parents and Carers Working in the Arts During the Pandemic

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D&D I attended in the days of physical. Check it out, please like and subscribe to my channel.



Design & Economics Unconference


The Design + Economics unconference is open to everyone: whether you want to provide a talk, lead a workshop, start a discussion, run an experiment or just attend. Find out more:

It is a space where Design and Economics meet. This online event is driven by the postgraduate programme at Ravensbourne University’s new Institute for Creativity and Technology. Their first Design and Economics unconference is a collaborative initiative to build momentum and coherence around emergent ideas and conversations.

The Design and Economics Unconference is taking place online from 8-22 April 2021. A mix of talks, workshops and events, the unconference will provide a space for economists and designers to meet, explore the intersections and find new connections.

The session grid -

Research and Resources -


Very early days on this PCM project. If you are reading this I can tell you it's going to be Dinosaur themed. And… the primary physical venue will probably be Bristol. It will have a couple of remote hack lounges both digital and physical. It will be held over 4 days (Fri - Mon) with the Saturday being a family day welcoming children and providing activities for children 3 - 7 yrs with 8yrs plus joining the grown-up groups with their parental accompaniments! It will focus on selected OpenData, BigData and WikiData sources. Encourage immersive, imaginative play and blockchain ideas development. If you’d like to register your interest to attend, partner, promote or sponsor email me now

Doing My Own Things

The next CGYOOMH  Watch Party, Conversation & Catch Up is 3/6

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Come work with me

The micro brief for my Producers Assistant is here. - guaranteed living wage+

LLLS S4|E4 - unconference