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More talent from around me - Wonderful wordsmith Terry Victor

Mindfulness in March - Seeing Red was a blog post back in March featuring fellow Equity member Caron Reidy

Terry is the welshest non-native Welshman living in wales I have ever met. An energy presence at Equity Annual Representative Conferences and a long-standing advocate and active member of the Equity Online Branch.

Another talent I have never seen perform. I do know he has a regular podcast and features regularly on Radio.

Time to listen to the inimitable Word Wrangling Terry Victor


Word Wrangling is a series of slightly skew-whiff looks at the English and the way we skewer it. This episode is formed around an attempt to see how many adjectives can be loaded on the back of a single noun.

Informative and silly. I don't know about you but all this social distancing is getting at me.

Slang lexicographer and language commentator Terry Victor is happiest on the liberal left-wing of language usage. Here are his short, sharp and sideways looks at the ways we mess with the English language. It's our language, we can do what we like with it.

Occasionally provocative, sometimes grumpy and generally mischievous: that's Word Wrangling.

I enjoyed listened to…