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QR codes will never die!


QR codes just don’t go away. With the pervasiveness of mobile phones with QR recognition built in to the operating system and even social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all have built in QR scanners.

Working with Cromford Mills they are putting QRcodes to good use.
QR code quizzes. The first was at Christmas. 8 codes placed around the Mill Yard. Scanning each code asked the visitor a question about the history of Arkwright’s Mill or Christmas of the age. The correct answer presented the adventurer with a letter of the alphabet. The incorrect answer added a steer to the right answer with a prompt to try again.

Collecting the 8 letters rearranged spelt out a word associated with the season - REEEINDR
With the word compiled the Mill Yard shop would take the answer and if correct hand out a prize.
Its purpose was 3 foldA fun way to share seasonal facts related to the Arkwright story.To engage visitors and encourage them to explore the full extent of the Mill YardTo gather quantitive data to evidence visitor participation.

Combines QRcode Generator Pro, Fyrebox and Tomorrow I’ll be delivering a workshop to enable the Cromford team to create these them self.

The QR interactive components of the project package are one small part. Over the next 6 month AR (augmented reality) and geo gamification is being crafted into a visitor offer.

Try one out. checkout the Cromford Mills site.