Show Me - the night before
Show Me - continuing meditation

Show Me - Livescribe note taking

Where I want to be and where I need to be. I did the thing I try to mitigate! Overthinking the tech to get the most from the workshop only to get distracted and not capture the content.

I tell my self... Celebrate the content you capture, Don’t mourn the media you miss!

What I captured… and why.

What I missed… and how!

As I start transitioning back to physical with digital augmentation I fondly remembered my forlorn Livescribe Pens. Yes plural coz I have one I use and one, a newer model that behaves differently I never integrated it into my mindset of management strategy layers to ensure I get from encounters what I need to do my job. I wanted to go un headphoned (which I’ve had to do since developing tinitus which has been with me in varying degrees since Dec 1st 2020. The day is forever in my mind. It was the day following the Equity SRC (Special Reps Conference)
As I am sans headphones I can pick up the audio from the speakers in my pen and notate as in days before covid.

This is session 1. Part of the session.

Here are the notes in my Livescribe Notebook once the pen has been connected to the desktop software. The green ink indicates audio is associated with it. Click for playback.

Here is the raw conversion directly from my handwriting. During COVID I upgraded my iPad and with the Apple Pencil I can accurately convert writing to text but I like the disconnection from full digital pen to paper.

Show MeChris Grady - Marketing.The 4P'sProduct | Price 1 Promotion 1 Place* ** *** ****Physical extended product.comfort, travel, ke cream, hug.Physical augmented productthe foments beyond your control.4 parking, babysitter.Value to consider in priceCovering cost of productionAdding Value - Meet cast'Tools at your mixextended mix (experience)Impact of theatre on the wider economyWhere is the message roaredWhere is the marketing co lateralbeing seen. Around the Venue Isreassurance to the team.What is muddying your message?SWOT-strength / Weakness 1 Opportunity - Threats.Who do you want on the front row5 people / tribesfretted + change audience. - * Joanna MorleyAttenders, Intenders, Persuadabe.- - -Map your audience.wideband line' widening.t about them.Dormant + Hostile F (non tenders)Precedent - QuestionPlanning -Test

Show Me opening session.

Chris Grady - Marketing.The 4P's being applied to theatre producing.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place

For marketing this P is not the production itself but the physical extended product. It’s the package. Why come see the show? Selling the night out. The comfort of the seats, the best local ice cream, welcome and friendly smile from the staff. The pre-show meal deal. 

There are parts of the ‘product’ when marketing a show to consider. The physical augmented product, the moments beyond your control. This is environmental, social and lifestyle aspiration. What is the parking situation, finding a babysitter, public transport and accessibility.

Then there is price. Tickets and Value.Funding may contractually require return on investment for partners. Covering cost of production should be an objective.Adding Value can make a ticket price more attractive - Meet cast 

Use the tools at your disposal to broaden the marketing mix. The extended experience in important and changes from location to location.

Impact of theatre on the wider economy is key to the marketing package. Where is the message about production being in town being received? Where is the marketing collateral being seen. What is being projected. 

What is muddying your message? Considering the activities that may conflate to pre ent the residents chocking to see your show when in town.

Coinciding with major televised sporting events or local festivals.

SWOT - Strength / Weakness / Opportunity / Threats

The notion of place asks...Who do you want on the front row? 5 people / tribesWho is there, who occupies the place?

*Reflected audience and change audience. * Joanna MorleyKnow the types Attenders,

Intenders and Persuadable, Dormant, Hostile (non attenders)

2 addition P’s

  • Precedent - Question
  • Planning - Testing

So you got my notes. Mean everything to me. Nothing to you.