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Show Me - Livescribe note taking

Show Me - the night before

What a week. It’s been a well paced week though I say so myself. This weekend I’ll be attending “Show Me” a Festival of Workshop for Producers.Its an event I’ll be attending via Zoom.


Friday consists of three 2hr sessions.




As blog posts go me just sharing my excitement about something ain’t a good post. But... it does set up my intention to post about my weekend on Zoom. How I manage my time, How I take on knowledge, How I absorb and who I encounter. 

Only recently my producing ambitions have turned to new written scripts. I want to work with dyslexic, non binary creatives and actors. The production will blend technology and illusion to fracture and assert suspension of disbelief. Simple sets and spectacle. Fringe and hard to reach halls. Mobile streaming and rural attraction. 

Extraordinarily Ordinary. I’m trying to be more.