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There are more platforms in heaven and earth, dear reader, than in your philosophy.

It was recently the annual hat tip to The Bard on his death day on 23rd April. Since I disentangled my future from an unrealisable passion, the ambition to adapt as a stage play Paul Austen’s City of Glass, I found my horizons clear to prospect. I needed a script. I have a set and it was to have accommodated the City of Glass. A set capable of adapting to the story to transport the audience while remaining safely seated. It’s origins in a theme park.


A family trip, I remember standing in awe feeling it, the flutter in the stomach on passing the peak of a hill, the crest of the wave, as if I was the rollercoaster ride were real. That same trip I would ride the Corkscrew.


And the Blackhole


It’s these formative experiences, that exhilaration I felt in one day. Reality and suspended disbelief. VR is an extension of that disbelief nothing more. There is no magic it’s pure technology. Theatre is illusion when arts it’s best. Even better when the suspended disbelief is itself suspended.

The opening Shakespeare... a kernel, a seed, a seedling. I’m thinking Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. My ambition to make something new. It’s beginning. I’m piecing together. Reality, from the perspective of the experience. 

“The colours red, blue and green are real. The colour yellow is a mystical experience shared by everybody.”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead