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Performance and Participation - Audience and Actor

DYP - Developing Your Practice

I have a staged immersive production in my mind which will utilise a 3D real-time blended environment augmented with motion capture where the audience are also part of the set without it being implicitly declared.

I am putting an R&D application together with a fund writer and I have heard good things about a VR immersive graphics studio. I’m talking to the studio director on Monday to begin the realisation of the technological production components.

I'd like some costings and find out more about how studios work with production clients. There is a crypto NFT component I’m exploring. The production will be hi-tech, low-carbon footprint.

The production environment provides a sustainable stage with solar and eco power sources all this taken to the most remote location I can secure and the audience who reside there. Extreme Theatre! Living the dream Digital Producer & Theatre Maker. Taking extraordinary theatre to ordinary places far from the metropolitan population sensors. The most amazing theatre right on their doorsteps.

I have a plan to write.