Long Eaton 360 - #1
May Day

God damn it Twitter - again?

News sourcing and cross referencing to evaluate credibility is not easy. No one should take their news from a single source. 

I take glancing news from bbc news. Deeper insights and wider stories I use Ground News, NewsFlash and UK Press. To observe and keep in check my peer bubble I use Nuzzel. Over the last week I noticed it stopped updating.

I final asked Google “Why is Nuzzel not updating?”

“Twitter is working on a subscription service, hoping to get people hooked with incentives such as an Undo Send button. In its latest attempt to spice up this service Twitter acquired Scroll, which lets readers support their favorite publishers(including us) while blocking ads. This development also sunsets a personalized daily news service called Nuzzel, which is owned by Scroll.

If you're not aware of the app, it creates a personalized newsfeedusing the accounts one follows on Twitter (LinkedIn and Facebook too). The team at Scroll claimsit tried its best to keep the service alive but just couldn't make it happen. However, the CEO promises that the Nuzzel experience will be built right into Twitter in the future.”

Again... a service I use that is like no other. It’s been “acquired”.

It was the best news aggregator I’d found that showed me the interests of my direct network.