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Long Eaton 360 - #1

Our towns and cities are not getting good press. Slow death, suffocated by big 24/7 supermarkets. It can seem that way. Retail is along from my career experience and it’s for that reason it’s a world that makes my high street part of my life and nothing to do with my work.

I want to keep A high street. It’s a social space designated for commerce. What can I do? I can share what’s here. I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I wanted to do something like this. In town today I stood outside Ucig a local e cigarette shop where my partner was buying vape liquids. 

I turned it the spot and noted the shops. A real mix. I was stood looking around. Here is the geolocation.

  1. ShoeZone -
  2. Ucig - 
  3. ProStart -
  4. EE Phone Shop
  5. M&B Nails -
  6. Rowells - an old family store soon to be an indie micro pub
  7. Willow Tree Butchers - gone online
  8. Howitt Street
  9. Kim’s Handmade Gifts -
  10. B&M -
  11. Ezone -
  12. Gibbs Street
  13. Café Brûlée’s -
  14. Empty

Not every shop has a dedicated customer website. Some only have Facebook pages. Is that ok? Does a high street retail or hospitality outlet need a web presence?

How can a town support it’s high street and make it thrive.