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Mindfulness Cycles

Feeling numb? It’s a new perspective on my mindfulness cycles. It started to manifest just less than a week ago. I missed a zoom lecture that I intended to attend out of respect and interest for a team I’m working with. There was not expecting on my attendance but I have wanted to ‘show my face’ or in these times ‘list among the participants’. I reflected on my now and realised the then, when I should have been, and embracingly wasn’t. I had totally blanked. I felt like I’d blinked out and missed several hours. Really disconcerting.

It happened again only hitting the recognition circuit on receipt of an email asking if the link was correct 4 hrs after I should have hosted a late evening UK time social for the Online Branch. Horror! This is one I should have been at. This time wipe was disconcerted. Especially in the light of Thursday!

But it didn’t end. It was it seems uncontrollable. Even as I was experiencing it... very disconcerting. Almost up to the present and the writing of this post. Bank holiday was a Monday! Yes and for the previous 5 Mondays I’d been hosting Adam Curtis ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ zoom screening with catchup and conversation. Yep blanked that too.
Strangely and fortuitously so do the fellow regulars.

I needed a Brain pause and reset.

I will be mindfully observing that this Saturday.