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No Internet or No Phone

Hanging out with Club House there are 2 worthwhile regular session you should drop in on.
Clubhouse Breakfast Club


9am in London - No Agenda, Only Vibes…


In the Breakfast Clubhouse, What does success look like? “I get to live life the way I want.” Was one response. I aspire to this wholeheartedly. 

I’m Caron. Creative Producer and Theatre Maker. I help creatives work smarter with technology. https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@pcmcreative

The conversation in the 9am In London... No Internet or No Phone? A compelling discussion with surprising responses for the hosts. There was a service, solution... apples or oranges fragmentation. Laptop or Mobile vs Wifi or 4G Data. It was interested to hear each respondents dilemma and definition. Voice call and Camera was set against Netflix and Laptop. Distraction or Detox were weighed up against self sufficient solitude or access to family.