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Mindfulness Cycles

Feeling numb? It’s a new perspective on my mindfulness cycles. It started to manifest just less than a week ago. I missed a zoom lecture that I intended to attend out of respect and interest for a team I’m working with. There was not expecting on my attendance but I have wanted to ‘show my face’ or in these times ‘list among the participants’. I reflected on my now and realised the then, when I should have been, and embracingly wasn’t. I had totally blanked. I felt like I’d blinked out and missed several hours. Really disconcerting.

It happened again only hitting the recognition circuit on receipt of an email asking if the link was correct 4 hrs after I should have hosted a late evening UK time social for the Online Branch. Horror! This is one I should have been at. This time wipe was disconcerted. Especially in the light of Thursday!

But it didn’t end. It was it seems uncontrollable. Even as I was experiencing it... very disconcerting. Almost up to the present and the writing of this post. Bank holiday was a Monday! Yes and for the previous 5 Mondays I’d been hosting Adam Curtis ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ zoom screening with catchup and conversation. Yep blanked that too.
Strangely and fortuitously so do the fellow regulars.

I needed a Brain pause and reset.

I will be mindfully observing that this Saturday.

For your hybrid and blended audience and event solutions... this way please.


A lot of the kit arrived today for the next PCM TechBox. Testing & unboxing heaven! Each commissioned TechBox is bespoke to the requirement of the client following discussions about the media the company or organisation need to make. This current box is a triple threat box! vlogging, video conferencing, media making. #ExtendTheAudience

This PCM TechBox is for the @UNESCO UK site Cromford Mills. 

The TechBoxes I build contains everything a marketing team, event or theatre company need to boss their video media making and live streaming as lockdown lifts. It is an all in one solution in a literal box. It includes a consultation, content creation strategy, set up and basic video/film making training. This intermediate package costs £4,500

This kit is compiled to splits into 3 parts. It is multipurpose multi-media.

  1. Mobile vlogging, social media and vox-pops.
  2. YouTube and podcast studio set up.
  3. Video conferencing and livestreaming.

Everything, including a laptop and the box it all goes in. Wondering how you blend or extend your audience after lockdown? Wondering how you livestream on a budget?

Whatever the output I provide a most current technology centred solution that can grow, scale and be augmented as your media making confidence is established. I'll help with workflow too so the content you capture makes it online.

So far

  • Stabilising hand-held gimbal with mobile phone and GoPro brackets
  • Mini shotgun mic (mobile and video camera jack cables)
  • Pocket video lightGoPro with waterproof housing
  • Cold shoe handheld rig for mobile and GoPro
  • 4K video camera (for capture and streaming)
  • Tripod
  • X2 table top dimming fill lights
  • Power ext with x4 13amp and x6 USB sockets
  • X2 Wireless lavelier mics (mobile and video camera jack cables)
  • Conferencing speaker with 360 mic pick-upCables & Accessories case

Items remaining will be determined based on the inter gratin of the tech acquired so far.

  • Projector (to view remote audience in the physical venue)
  • Screen Laptop (with video and audio editing software installed)
  • Tablet / Monitor / SwitcherStorage / Flight case
  • Portable power pack
  • Power extension Mobile WiFi

For a theatre company, events agency looking to explore hybrid opportunities there is not a better place to begin than a conversation with PCM.

Digital Field Trip - Clicks n Mortar - Kinoautomat

The night in March 2009 I chose to attend a cinema session I was curious. I’d read/played the pick-your-story books and Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson dice rolling books. A pick-the-story film was new to me and that this one was a retro experience intrigued me. Definitely one of the distinct instances that has shaped the work I’m embarking upon in 2021.

Originally it was a performance, which combined a projected film with interventions from two stage moderators, which was shown for the first time in 1966. On this occasion it was being presented my the film makers daughter.

The film, One Man and his House, centers around Mr. Novák who finds himself caught up in various situations which represent moral dilemmas.

Using a specially constructed voting system, the audience members changed the trajectory of the film at several key moments by pressing red or green buttons. The direction voted by the majority would then be followed by the projection team.


Extract - Kinoautomat, prelude to the future 

“The TV of tomorrow”, was the expression used by the British newspaper The Guardian, while the critic David Griffin spoke of it as a film that “uses the best elements from both video games and films”. The reference was to “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, released on Netflix just over a year ago, which attracted attention mainly due to being an interactive film in which the action stops at certain intervals and the viewer makes decisions for the protagonist, influencing the course of the narrative. A certainly compelling idea, but there were indeed quite a few viewers to whom the format seemed to be something already familiar.

Extracted -

“The vote was executed by the projectionist switching one lens cap between the two synchronized projectors. The artfulness, ultimately, was not in the interaction but in the illusion of interaction. The film's director, Raduz Cincera, made it as a satire of democracy, where everyone votes but it doesn't make any difference.” (Quote from: Michael Naimark, Interactive Art - Maybe It's a Bad Idea, 1997)

Digital Field Trip - Legend Quest

VR stole my video game future! Only in 2019 when Oculus Quest opened the VR door again to me. 

Back in the early 90’s I would ride pillion over to Nottingham with a friend to play the Game and work on the front desk for game time. Legend Quest was situated at the bottom of Goose Gate just before the junction diagonally from Berlin’s.

Timeframe: 00.00 - 05.26

My Legend Quest keys. 
It was the early experiences with mind enthralling opportunities like Legend Quest in the early 90’s that led my technology fascination in performative suspended disbelief. The forest decor evolved over a period of a few years. Finding the YouTube video was a real find. 

The immersive 360 taught me to look up before entering a VR room when navigating a level. It was a time before my conscious time. This new reflection on my technological perspective. Discovering my legacy. I have its ephemera in boxes.

VR is coming, has come of age? It’s a major influence in my theatre producing. This series of Digital Field Trip blogs are plotting my memories through moments I touched technology that changed my thinking.

Digital Field Trip - memory lane

There are more platforms in heaven and earth, dear reader, than in your philosophy.

It was recently the annual hat tip to The Bard on his death day on 23rd April. Since I disentangled my future from an unrealisable passion, the ambition to adapt as a stage play Paul Austen’s City of Glass, I found my horizons clear to prospect. I needed a script. I have a set and it was to have accommodated the City of Glass. A set capable of adapting to the story to transport the audience while remaining safely seated. It’s origins in a theme park.


A family trip, I remember standing in awe feeling it, the flutter in the stomach on passing the peak of a hill, the crest of the wave, as if I was the rollercoaster ride were real. That same trip I would ride the Corkscrew.


And the Blackhole


It’s these formative experiences, that exhilaration I felt in one day. Reality and suspended disbelief. VR is an extension of that disbelief nothing more. There is no magic it’s pure technology. Theatre is illusion when arts it’s best. Even better when the suspended disbelief is itself suspended.

The opening Shakespeare... a kernel, a seed, a seedling. I’m thinking Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. My ambition to make something new. It’s beginning. I’m piecing together. Reality, from the perspective of the experience. 

“The colours red, blue and green are real. The colour yellow is a mystical experience shared by everybody.”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead