DYP - Developing Your Practice
Long Eaton 360 - #1

Performance and Participation - Audience and Actor

Immersive experiences blur these lines. Who is paid and who pays. That isn’t blurry. 

Being part of the story or being the story. What does technology do to an experience? Entering the unknown or entering the familiar. A regular theatre goer returns to a familiar venue to see a new show. Where does lockdown position the theatre goer reside? At home in front of a screen or at home in a VR headset. Immersive mindset and consciousness. In reality or in virtual reality, what about suspending disbelief.

Where does watching Netflix sit with watching a show on a computer screen? What devise do people watch theatre?

Going forward the physical experience of theatre will be new again. The digital is a compromise and virtual is the absurd and unknown.

Audiences are curious.With digital entering the familiar what can this give to the theatre maker? What about the concepts of digital merging with technology?

The use and application of technology to the production environment.

East Midlands Participatory Forum. I’m keen to explore more, make and produce.