The day to vote is the day to stand.
No Internet or No Phone

Zoom is not the stage of the future... it’s the opera box

Keeping events simple is important. Friday’s Royal Historical Society virtual lecture was an intro and speaker, a Q&A then an end. Plus an audience. 

It has to be well presented. Music as the audience enters. The same sound to everyone. All hearing the same in preparation for the reason they are all there. A collective image is key also. A title slide reassuring attendees as they arrive they are in the right place and haven’t missed the beginning.
A well coordinated start and neatly concluded close are the next step. Online with everyone in or looking in the same direction, a screen is the collective experience.
It is time to blend. It’s time reimagine audience attendance. Scatter the points of presence and unify they in one point of focus.
Where is your camera pointing?--

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