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Chronic Insanity, Puncture The Screen 01 - Mulling IT Over 2

First show, experience, session. The Next Best Thing by Emily Holyoake. I wasn’t sure what it would be. It was a pick your own path / adventure story.

Introduction to Digital Theatre by Kill The Cat

This was a short 5 min introduction to theatre in the context of digital. The ritual of theatre was hi-lighted as fundamental to the notion of experience. Digital and its capacity to provide access along with the technology hurdles. I appreciated the acknowledgment of the importance of providing help and audience support outside the platform hosting the ‘performance’.

Introduction to Animating by Edalia Day 12mins 41sec
A workshop using mobile app FlipaClip for a have a go experience.

Midway through a call to arms from my family that a trip to Calgary Art & Nature Café was spontaneously Go go go! I hit pause.

After a scenic drive, a Pear, Mull Blue Cheese and walnut salad and return trip later I resumed before seeing 4pm creep up which was the release time for Augmented Art by Tom Shennan.

Disturbing yet compelling a synthetic northern accented AI and Tom. The single webpage layer out, scrolling down with video set beside a notated shooting script. 4 pieces, an introduction and a concluding illustration giving an outline to the artists process.

Dark and unsettling.

I returned to Edalia’s charming, light spirited workshop for a bit of creativity before the 6pm live Working with Isadora by Imitating The Dog.

My first FlipaClip

I’m interested in Edalia’s projection mapping which dovetails nicely I hope with this evenings Isadora session.

Day one has been quite profound. Andrew Croft’s Isadora workshop has started a journey I contemplated but never started till today.

Age and Experience but Confidence eludes me still - Mulling IT Over 2

So eager was I to attend Chronic Insanity’s Puncture the Screen festival I skipped a day. I thought yesterday was today! I had the day to really look over the programme. Check out Chronic Insanity projects

In November I’m enrolled on Chris Grady’s Creative Producing Diploma. It’s billed as an MA is 16wks. I will be dedicating my whole brain and being to that 16 wk.

I’m used to having the benefit of life being almost 50 to curate and gather knowledge around. This held me in good stream transitioning from analogue to digital in the nineties, naughtiest and teens of the 20th and 22st centuries. The new horizon is not so easy. The landscape of immersive, its pioneers and practitioners are elementally daring and I perceive to be until recently clouded in mystery.

Why I’m uncertain. I think it’s the networks and people seated in an industry I had not fully identified. The world of theatre I stared my career within had a legacy that enchanted and informed my desire to work in the industry.

Now as my age advances I want to make and produce drawing on my work experience gained throughout my first life career as a theatre Stagemanager. I’ve been hesitate and lacking confidence. I have realised in recent month a lot of that is anchors in the way I function and engage resulting from my Dyslexia. I need to understand that more.

A hinderance is my short term memory. Right now with all the new companies, people and opportunities around me I feel like a goldfish with the 2 second attention span. Or in the presences of the Dr Who silence. I turn around or change screens and my mind is blank.

Writing is annoying too. Using my iPad by the time I get my notes app open and pencil stylus at the ready my mind can’t manifest the letters required to signify the item I want to notate!

My making and producing ambitions are not a recent whim. The foundation of my first piece will create a stand-alone low-carbon footprint hi-tech immersive staging environment. The concept will R&D in October 2021 using 12 year old concept images created in 3D software.

The companies innovating immersive work blending physical live performance with digital platforms is the draw of Puncture The Screen.



Puncture The Screen - Chronic Insanity - Mulling IT Over 2

Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based theatre company.

I met Chronic Insanity’s Artistic Director & Creative Producer Joe Strickland during the Pandemic on a video meet up organised by Jen Toksvig, founder of The Larder, imaginiarium artist behind the Twitter restaurant Toksvigs who delightfully defies easy classification. Jen is a director, facilitator and creative producer I greatly admire. It was a meet up of Fairy Godparents that facilitated the crossing of our paths.

It’s the ‘support in kind’, ‘beyond the call of duty’, extending consciousness, making magic even when off the clock, all these are within the FairyGodparents remit!

Joe, on examining of his online profiles was not only a digital theatre producer (my current career pursuit trajectory) but Nottingham based too. ‘In the flesh’, ‘on the ground’ encounters are weightier in cognition than cloud, digital and online encounters I find. They can be lonely affairs. The physical encounters however I find unpredictable not to mention logistically, attentionally and geographically challenging.

But the truth is Ground or Cloud both require the commitment of time and attention. Anything having resources consumed in the form of human input comes at a cost. A cost encompassing food, life expenses to rent need return, and time given needs reward so nothing Ground or Cloud is free and consequently shouldn’t be free.

If on a rare occasion a show is fully funded with no expectation of profit the funders still require documentation in terms of an audience. Art and audience are intertwined where value for money and funders are concerned.

Puncture The Screen is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Joe and Chronic Insanity are ‘opening’ Puncture The Screen on July 29th between 12 noon and 8pm then on July 30th between 12 noon and 7pm
11 events with 2 at the end of each day being live.

I spoke to Joe to find out more

PCM is offering PCM Adventures 3 festival passes which will be paid for by PCM. A gift from me. Message me on Facebook.

All the Puncture The Screen info.

Puncture The Screen is a data driven digital art and performance festival run by Chronic Insanity, consisting of digital art and performance, workshops, panel discussions, and educational opportunities for creatives and audiences alike.

The festival will run 29/07/21-30/07/21 and will be available on demand for at least two weeks afterwards.

They want this festival to show the full innovative strength of digital art and performance and to show off its accessibility, its sustainability, and its affordability for both creatives and audiences alike.

Full Festival Pass - £10 (3 FREE passes available to PCM Adventures)
Individual Event Pass - £5
Upgrade an Event Pass to a Festival Pass- £5

Available here (For a PCM Adventurers pass email me at [email protected])

The festival organisers, Chronic Insanity, are a theatre company from Nottingham that creates and facilitates live performance and experiences in traditional, found, and digital spaces. They are currently in the middle of completing their second 12 shows in 12 months challenge.

Find out more about them here!


Day 1 - July 29th

12:00 - The Next Best Thing by Emily Holyoake

14:00 - Introduction to Digital Theatre by Kill The Cat

14:00 - Introduction to Animating by Edalia Day

16:00 - Augmented Art by Tom Shennan

18:00 - Working with Isadora by Imitating The Dog (Live Event)

20:00 - Larkhall (Live Event)

Day 2 - July 30th

12:00 - The Ashes: World Tour by Naomi Westerman

14:00 - Introduction to Creative Captioning using Isadora by Tim Kelly

16:00 - Displacement Native by Michael-Jon Mizra

18:00 - Creative Infinity: How Digital Will The Future Be? (Live Event)

19:00 - message not sent by YESYESNONO (Live Event)

Unboxing #DinoHack - Mulling IT Over 2

Being away is giving me the literal space for my dyslexic brain to embrace the spatial freedom being out in the back of beyond affords my soul. I never feel I fit anywhere except alone and backstage. The control box, prompt desk (cue / QLab station) or sound desk give me places to straddle worlds. The world inhabited by the audience. It should be no shock to me that when not working in theatre I gravitated to event management. My first self produced events were a series of MediaCamps followed by a TEDx in 2012. The Nottingham MediaCamps were MediaCamps, Barcamp, Open-Space, Unconference hybrids.

I guess I know what these are but to get a grip on my upcoming event DinoHack there are a few premises to understand.

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. The first BarCamps focused on early-stage web applications, and were related to open source technologies, social software, and open data formats.

MediaCamps were inspired by Warner Bros. Media Camp, an accelerator program that educated entrepreneurs to build innovative media businesses. Key features of Media Camp include presentations and workshops focused on media technology, formal mentorship from media industry experts, community events and knowledgesharing, as well as direct investments including partnerships and vendor relationships.

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid hierarchical aspects of a conventional conference, such as sponsored presentations and top-down organization.

The final format I hold in my Disruptor’s of the Mundane tool bag is the Open Space event, (Open Space Technology) championed by Theatre Company Improbable in their Devoted and Disgruntled events.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a method for organizing and running a meeting or multi-day conference, where participants have been invited in order to focus on a specific, important task or purpose.

Writing this post I ask myself how familiar with these event formats. They are the foundation that gives DinoHack its potential and makes it special. I strive to produce events that welcome and engage whoever attends. Each attendee to have the best experience.

What will DinoHack be?
It’s primarily about making something cool, fun, educational, useful/informative for Dinosaur and all thing paleontological fans… Uber fans… geeks even.

A hackathon is an event where people take a subject, accept the challenge to look at it from a different perspective, apply creative thinking and computer smarts to the subject to make or generated ideas for a solution to the set challenge.

We are looking at dinosaurs, the time of the dinosaurs, looking at prehistory. The organisers setting the challenge tend to supply the data.

I once took part in a hackathon where attendees were challenged to make it easier to get around Edinburgh during the annual theatre festival. There were thinkers, coders, designers, data engineers, transport admins, festival organiser representatives, festival fans, IT staff from the city council and the hackathon organisers. I recall the teams took transport data and the festival programme to producer by combining a variety of data sets so being traffic related to create a working prototype of an app that found the best route between festival performances and suggested shows that would conveniently nest together to optimise a day where a start and end show was specified. Genius.

Hackathon is inviting and hotly anticipates that a wide selection of people may come together with a passion for Dinosaurs to come up with ideas for Dinosaur games, toys, apps, that can be picked up by host company Kids-IZ as a prize and support a winning team or involve the winning team in the development of their DinoHack idea.

My task is to find 40 likeminded Dino enthusiasts with a wide variety of skills to collect together for 2 days to consider what doesn’t yet exist but could given the data, talents and collective considerations of a groups to hack the theme.

So what is a hack? Like hack feature big on YouTube and TickTock. Combining everyday objects and repurposing items that solve a problem in a surprising and easy to replicate way. Using a clothes peg to secure an opened pack of sugar or to decorate the peg to make a gift that secures the top of opened food packs.

Dampening your fingers to give purchase to a new bin liner to separate with a Rubina of the fingers to open a stubbornly closed opening. Looping together safety pins using a safety pin. Folding socks into a roll tucked over to form a compact ball for minimising space in luggage for travel. These tips and tricks …. Hacks, they unconventional with the mundane.

A Merriam’s Dictionary puts it… a clever tip or technique for doing or improving something.

That word ‘improving’ is the key. Take what is already around…
Data about dinosaur researched and documents by academics, tasty Dino data, where fossils were found, who discovered them, the size, the bones the distance in the past, the shifting tectonic plates, and find a new way of interpreting, presenting, combining or reinterpreting the information to create a new something.

Mechanics, engineers, computer coders, get under the hood of toys and games. Illustrators, marketers, product developers, storytellers, theatre makers, educators all have a critical eye and creative imaginations to feed into the technical process that manifests new approaches.

Does that give a better view of DinoHack?

Pure Analogue - Mulling IT Over 2 - New Books


Before there was online vs offline there was analogue vs digital. My audio editing training was very analogue. It was in the early 1990’s and it was on a Tascam reel to reel using a metal editing block, blade and I think, scotch tape not forgetting my trusty chino graph pencil.

So… back then there were books…
Today 2021 there are still books!

Pick up a book from 1990’s and it still reads the same today!

While I’m away decompressing, recompiling, pausing for thought, there are projects to prepare for. Two major projects are DinoHack and ChrisGradyOrg’s Creative Producers’s Diploma.

Two books came home with me from the marvellously names General Store with a difference Tackle & Books in Tobermory. Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die by Amber Massie-Blomfield subtitled A love letter to Britain’s theatres. Present on the shelves at Tackle and Book in the books about Mull section as it features Mull Theatre it also features Century Theatre where I did a season as Assistant Stagemanager but nit at its current location.

It’s an experience that is informing and shaping my creative producing ambitions. Beautifully written to share history as content and personal reflections from the author into the selection of the 20 put her deciding the final list it is enchanting. For my diploma I will be reading back in to the world of theatre. Emerging as the theatre maker I intend to producer from. This book traversing Ancient Roman Britain, Shakespearean London, Matcham, Ghost Walks, protest and even current affairs consciousness of my own with the Battersea Arts Centre referencing its fire in 2015 which I remember hitting my Twitter feed. I’ve yet to read the Mull or Century Theatre chapters. It’s been an interesting meditation on the nature of Place and the importance of theatre, as an act and as a location.

It’s reawakened an internal dialogue examining the nature of theatre and my own story markers deeply rooted in theatre, attending and working.

The second book “Reading the Rocks” by Brenda Maddox is to expand my thinking for DinoHack. I’m aware there is a legacy from women who have discovered the dino world. I want to bring that out as part of the hackathon. Pioneering women.

Destination - Mull IT Over 2


It’s summer and the Hat is back. I enjoy sunny days but with my hat, fan, sun brolly, water bottle and handy carabiner clip.

Convenience Hacks… are they a thing? I shall make them a thing if not. They are part of my everyday carry, EDC. I’ll talk about EDC in this series. Things I need to have to hand. I say need as without them I confess my anxiety levels rise. The consequence of not having a particular EDC item can increase stress exponentially. Mitigation for an over-thinker is essential.

Efficiency combined with mitigation along with cost effectiveness is what I’ll be reflecting on.

I recently upgraded my mobile phone. I tend to configure from new rather than restoring from the last back up. What apps do I need?

Some services are a matter of logging back in. Gmail, Apple Notes, contacts, Calendar. Essential immediate downloads this time being Gmail, Chrome, Evernote, Dropbox, Otter, Bitly, Calendly, Twitter, Instagram, Quik, Camera+, Ripl, Waze, Google Maps, Reflectly, Sleep Cycle and WhatsApp.

Apple Essentials for me… Note, Keynote, 

Geo was the call for today. Checkins and geo gamification. Swarm and Foursquare, Munzee and Wallabee. Also Geocache, Smart Bird, Seek and AllTrails. These platforms exist in a realm of engagement I refer to a ambient participation.

Today has been… it’s been the arrival on Mull. This 3 weeks is a retuning. Much like the Christmas break. I need these 6 month resets. I like to have 3 or 4 at a single week each or with a long summer break.

It’s not about business it’s about me time. As a sole trader / solo-trepreneur and producer the lines between business and passion merge. That’s not a bad thing but they do need to be distinct things existing in harmony and parallel. It’s healthy for them to by separate operationally when required.

More on apps? More on productivity hacks?

Mulling IT Over 2 - starting in Oban a 3wk unboxing


Over next few weeks I’m unpicking and sharing my mobile media capture, making, production and publishing process.

I use what I have to hand in the budget I can afford. Low cost is key for first timers too. Its the output practice. The workflow.

The journey to get here is the beginning. This annual holiday is about the unraveling and release of my internal dialogue. I get to examine my media making kit, I review my assistive tech. I try and make media I don’t get the chance to when doing projects for others. I try and write the eBooks that complete projects but never were required to sign off on the deliverable that got me paid. I let my mind roan the ponder.

I’ve got a body cam I’m experimenting with. This blog via email process. I have a box of tech which I thought essential to this vacation.

Let’s see.

Facebook is Back

Facebook is back. Just before Christmas. No, just before New Year, I removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from all of my mobile devices. I did this because I was constantly checking them, and they were constantly there, and the icons, burned themselves into my retinas. Every time I looked at my screen they were the things that I compulsively went to. And it wasn't because I wanted to know what was going on but it just became habitual. And that felt wrong.

I wanted, and I always wanted social media to be an augmentation to my understanding of what's going on in my day to day. It's a way of making sure that information is being brought to me, and that if there are projects I'm doing, I can disseminate content to the audience and partners. That had changed.

Some people have New Year's resolutions. I like to have a word for meditation. And this year (2021) it's mindfulness. It's been interesting that some people have some negative connotations when it comes to mindfulness and the sentiment that it imbues. However, for me, it is a way of centering my thinking whether it's social, or business or personal.

So, DinoHack is a project that for the first time since the start of the pandemic, I'm going to be focused on for more than one day a week. And this means that I have time to do the digital marketing, I've been trying to find someone to support the digital marketing that PCM projects and PCM creative does on each project, but I've found it really hard to find somebody. DinoHack needs to have social media marketing. And I realise that, I'm perfectly capable of doing it, I was a bit unsure as to whether I knew enough anymore because it changes so fast. I delivered workshops on social media in 2010. And we're now in 2021. That 10 year old knowledge, some of it is relevant and it gives me a really firm foundation for what social media is, but what social media has become is something very different.

So Twitter made it back onto my phone quite early on, for reference rather than posting. I don't post as much as I used to, and I don't feel that I have to.

Instagram, made it back onto my phone because of the project I've done for Cromford Mills, which is exploring the augmented reality capabilities of Instagram because Cromford Mills, AR Cat Game is using Instagram, as its foundation technology. Christian Venables has been working with me to create an augmented reality mini cat game for Cromford visitors. So that's why Instagram made its way back on

LinkedIn, didn't really go anywhere. I just realised that I really need to pay a lot more attention to it, and it's never really had a structured build, it just had stuff from my CV that I think people might be interested in, it's not really very structured. Of all the platforms, it's unique to itself really, and everybody should have a LinkedIn profile if they are serious about doing business. And when I mean doing business. I mean that could be business to business it could be business to customer but if you are registered as self employed, as a sole trader, anything higher than that.

People specially in the entertainment industry in the creative arts, don't always see the necessity for why they need LinkedIn, but I promise you, it is absolutely vital. Over the last few days, When I've been looking for Prime contacts to contact for DinoHack, LinkedIn, and the Contact Relationship Management, that goes around that, Apollo plugs into LinkedIn is just pure gold dust.

So Facebook is back. And Facebook is back because buffer is back. Buffer is going to be the way that I line up articles that I find about and for DinoHack to be able to release content over time, so I will be able to spend 15-20 minutes or as I am browsing news which is what I tend to do I use features which will push content out to social media and buffer is the way of being able to to ‘buffer’ that.

So, four times a day, any of the platforms that I manage, I will be able to put an article on there. And as I keep doing it if I do more than four a day, then that backs them up for the next day and the next day the next day and then you start to build up that that archive of content.

There is a caveat of warning on this. However, if you are automating, and you are automating a topic which is likely to be current affairs news. If something happens in the news, that means that the articles that you're pushing out could be an appropriate, you need to be able to know how to lock down and stop your feeds going out automatically. And that's the case for any social media, automated feed. I mean even a live stream which is automating the liveliness of content. If you are going out live. You must always have a way and a protocol of shutting that down if something goes wrong.

I'm going to leave this post at this point. This article is the first one I have notated using As a new feature on my iPhone 8 which is my latest phone where I can do a triple tap on the back of my phone and it activates an audio app and I've chosen otter so that it's transcribing, so I will be going to check that, copying the text out and putting it into my blog.

And then my blog will get posted. Currently it's still going out on TypePad, but I'm looking to maybe transfer that to pistachio, which I really love. It's a blogging platform that uses Evernote as its content management point.

And then of course I've got a new website that is work in progress that may be coming out through WordPress, that's a completely different mindset of whether I want to go down the WordPress rabbit hole. The End.

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Dinosaur Hackathon. Interested?

DinoHack is taking shape


It’s taking place in Bristol at The EngineShed a literal stones throw from Temple Meads Train Station.

Email if you are interested in attending or/and sponsoring [email protected]

It’s got some work still to do.
If you’re reading. I’m sharing.

I wish I was less tenacious. The Online Branch.

Equity Online Branch Digital Summit

Anyone involved with Audience Development by which I mean the act of building awareness towards a specific location to put people before a performance, knows how hard it is.
It’s take commitment and honest respect.

Bringing people to you is an act of venerability. They don’t know who you are or even care.

You care deeply, your livelihood depends upon it. Ironic eh?

For years now I have works against the odds to reach a position where Equity’s idea for an Online Branch is fit for an audience. Not a random audience but members of the union who are unable to attend a monthly geographically tied branch meeting.

Branch meetings are the place where the collective democracy of the union takes place outside of the formally elected council and committees.

The online branch was conceived from the recognition that the transitory members often working away from home on tour and some finding themselves residing overseas for periods of time.

It’s was also expected to provide an online sanctuary bringing members together. In the early days it was hoped that would be away from the mainstream social media of public exposure.
Proposed, debated and adopted by a vote at several Annual Representatives Conferences. It even had substantial investment but Equity seemed unable to reach the finishing line when it came to get the developer to produce a working version. It also suffered the fate of mainstream social media, that of trolls and misanthropes, personal agendas and failures to hold suppliers to account. But…

During the pandemic and following a change at the top along with a cascade of staff changes the Online Branch found it’s ledge on the rocky cliff. Stable but precarious.

We are to hold the first annual general meeting. For the online Branch, a digital summit.
I have become the torch-bearer. As I began this post, audience development is hard. The audience here is union members but the cuffs applies was to limit that to only members nit affiliated to a physical branch. I pushed against the challenge. It’s been hard. The goal is to establish an engaged membership sufficiently invested to retain and sustain a committee of Nine. The branch committee election is to be rerun over the summer. Until the time a branch chair can be elected I am keeping the flame alight.

Greetings! Are you an Equity Member. Did you tour prior to the pandemic. Have you every supported and attended a regional branch meeting? Tuesday is the first Online Branch digital summit. It's a review of activities of the last 12 months and a chance to look to the future. There will be a screen shared tour of the forum, a warm welcome for the union's president and a special event wouldn't be complete without a guest speaker and Darren Darnborough has accepted my invitation to speak.


Actor / Filmmaker / Travel Writer and CoFounder & CEO of WeAudition. I encountered Darren while researching a self-tape workshop in 2018 and attended a WeAudition Networking event hosted in London. Darren’s story of creating the SelfTelp committee WeAudition, the casting opportunities he created for himself and perhaps some tales of partying on yachts at the Film Festival in Cannes are anticipated! As a British, LA-based actor he is the perfect example of the Online Branch’s networking potential to help members find work opportunities and meet fellow members for who the Online provides a democratic voice within the industry where they have no physical branch to take advantage of.

There is a registration link if you haven't signed up. I do hope you are able to attend. Message me for the link.

The Online Branch is for members not able to attend a physical branch. There are lots of reasons but not being in the UK and not being available at 7.30 UK time to attend a geographic-specific gathering are the major factors to why the Online Branch exists.

This 7.30 online meeting for an AGM or for us this Digital Summit is likely to be the once a year occurrence. For the rest of the year, it's the online forum and informal meetups.

The first task for the branch is to form a committee. Audience development skills at the ready.
Thank you Audiences Europe. I sometimes wish I was less tenacious.