Puncture The Screen - Chronic Insanity - Mulling IT Over 2
Chronic Insanity, Puncture The Screen 01 - Mulling IT Over 2

Age and Experience but Confidence eludes me still - Mulling IT Over 2

So eager was I to attend Chronic Insanity’s Puncture the Screen festival I skipped a day. I thought yesterday was today! I had the day to really look over the programme. Check out Chronic Insanity projects https://bit.ly/citheatre-projects

In November I’m enrolled on Chris Grady’s Creative Producing Diploma. It’s billed as an MA is 16wks. I will be dedicating my whole brain and being to that 16 wk.

I’m used to having the benefit of life being almost 50 to curate and gather knowledge around. This held me in good stream transitioning from analogue to digital in the nineties, naughtiest and teens of the 20th and 22st centuries. The new horizon is not so easy. The landscape of immersive, its pioneers and practitioners are elementally daring and I perceive to be until recently clouded in mystery.

Why I’m uncertain. I think it’s the networks and people seated in an industry I had not fully identified. The world of theatre I stared my career within had a legacy that enchanted and informed my desire to work in the industry.

Now as my age advances I want to make and produce drawing on my work experience gained throughout my first life career as a theatre Stagemanager. I’ve been hesitate and lacking confidence. I have realised in recent month a lot of that is anchors in the way I function and engage resulting from my Dyslexia. I need to understand that more.

A hinderance is my short term memory. Right now with all the new companies, people and opportunities around me I feel like a goldfish with the 2 second attention span. Or in the presences of the Dr Who silence. I turn around or change screens and my mind is blank.

Writing is annoying too. Using my iPad by the time I get my notes app open and pencil stylus at the ready my mind can’t manifest the letters required to signify the item I want to notate!

My making and producing ambitions are not a recent whim. The foundation of my first piece will create a stand-alone low-carbon footprint hi-tech immersive staging environment. The concept will R&D in October 2021 using 12 year old concept images created in 3D software.

The companies innovating immersive work blending physical live performance with digital platforms is the draw of Puncture The Screen.