Age and Experience but Confidence eludes me still - Mulling IT Over 2
Extraordinarily Ordinary - #DYCP

Chronic Insanity, Puncture The Screen 01 - Mulling IT Over 2

First show, experience, session. The Next Best Thing by Emily Holyoake. I wasn’t sure what it would be. It was a pick your own path / adventure story.

Introduction to Digital Theatre by Kill The Cat

This was a short 5 min introduction to theatre in the context of digital. The ritual of theatre was hi-lighted as fundamental to the notion of experience. Digital and its capacity to provide access along with the technology hurdles. I appreciated the acknowledgment of the importance of providing help and audience support outside the platform hosting the ‘performance’.

Introduction to Animating by Edalia Day 12mins 41sec
A workshop using mobile app FlipaClip for a have a go experience.

Midway through a call to arms from my family that a trip to Calgary Art & Nature Café was spontaneously Go go go! I hit pause.

After a scenic drive, a Pear, Mull Blue Cheese and walnut salad and return trip later I resumed before seeing 4pm creep up which was the release time for Augmented Art by Tom Shennan.

Disturbing yet compelling a synthetic northern accented AI and Tom. The single webpage layer out, scrolling down with video set beside a notated shooting script. 4 pieces, an introduction and a concluding illustration giving an outline to the artists process.

Dark and unsettling.

I returned to Edalia’s charming, light spirited workshop for a bit of creativity before the 6pm live Working with Isadora by Imitating The Dog.

My first FlipaClip

I’m interested in Edalia’s projection mapping which dovetails nicely I hope with this evenings Isadora session.

Day one has been quite profound. Andrew Croft’s Isadora workshop has started a journey I contemplated but never started till today.