Mulling IT Over 2 - starting in Oban a 3wk unboxing
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Destination - Mull IT Over 2


It’s summer and the Hat is back. I enjoy sunny days but with my hat, fan, sun brolly, water bottle and handy carabiner clip.

Convenience Hacks… are they a thing? I shall make them a thing if not. They are part of my everyday carry, EDC. I’ll talk about EDC in this series. Things I need to have to hand. I say need as without them I confess my anxiety levels rise. The consequence of not having a particular EDC item can increase stress exponentially. Mitigation for an over-thinker is essential.

Efficiency combined with mitigation along with cost effectiveness is what I’ll be reflecting on.

I recently upgraded my mobile phone. I tend to configure from new rather than restoring from the last back up. What apps do I need?

Some services are a matter of logging back in. Gmail, Apple Notes, contacts, Calendar. Essential immediate downloads this time being Gmail, Chrome, Evernote, Dropbox, Otter, Bitly, Calendly, Twitter, Instagram, Quik, Camera+, Ripl, Waze, Google Maps, Reflectly, Sleep Cycle and WhatsApp.

Apple Essentials for me… Note, Keynote, 

Geo was the call for today. Checkins and geo gamification. Swarm and Foursquare, Munzee and Wallabee. Also Geocache, Smart Bird, Seek and AllTrails. These platforms exist in a realm of engagement I refer to a ambient participation.

Today has been… it’s been the arrival on Mull. This 3 weeks is a retuning. Much like the Christmas break. I need these 6 month resets. I like to have 3 or 4 at a single week each or with a long summer break.

It’s not about business it’s about me time. As a sole trader / solo-trepreneur and producer the lines between business and passion merge. That’s not a bad thing but they do need to be distinct things existing in harmony and parallel. It’s healthy for them to by separate operationally when required.

More on apps? More on productivity hacks?