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Moving Phone

Technology obsolescence is chasing me constantly. I’d say my thinking on technology and its application I ride the wave of innovation.

I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter though. That goes to the people I was and still am influenced by. The technology hardware on the other hand is different. Technology is for me a tool. I want my tools to be robust and reliable. The cost of that technology in the age of the operating system has to consider obsolescence especially in the Apple ecosphere. 

When I first switched from Windows to Mac I was pleasantly surprised when each release of its operating system was a free upgrade. 

Moving up with a windows operating system effectively involved installing a piece of software over the top of everything you had. Some software might not be compatible, it felt like Russia roulette. Would the software work? Did I need to upgrade? or did I need to install the latest version. A new operating system previously had been precipitated my a hardware upgrade also known as “getting a new computer”! That happened when the systems memory could no longer be upgraded or the graphics card was not able to process the advancing more process intensive graphics.
Each new machine marked an evolution in my practice. And along with it might come a new operating system. Then I switched to Apple.
My first Mac was a second hand MacBookPro. And it was quiet. 

Never again did I have old insufficient resources conundrum with the Windows operating system.

Instead it’s become a chasing the tail of the Persian Blue AKA Apple OS. Now the devises I own work just fine but as time advances and Apple’s OS iterates, it leaves behind a railroad of decoupled carriages. Obsolescence is a fact of frustration with Apple.

So moving phone…I had to upgrade. To use certain apps I had to upgrade. Same thing happened with my iPad. There are apps I can’t use on my MacBook and iMac. All because my perfectly good hardware is deemed no longer worth supporting. I’m crippled my obsolescence. 

New Phone… now I have to move in.