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Before there was online vs offline there was analogue vs digital. My audio editing training was very analogue. It was in the early 1990’s and it was on a Tascam reel to reel using a metal editing block, blade and I think, scotch tape not forgetting my trusty chino graph pencil.

So… back then there were books…
Today 2021 there are still books!

Pick up a book from 1990’s and it still reads the same today!

While I’m away decompressing, recompiling, pausing for thought, there are projects to prepare for. Two major projects are DinoHack and ChrisGradyOrg’s Creative Producers’s Diploma.

Two books came home with me from the marvellously names General Store with a difference Tackle & Books in Tobermory. Twenty Theatres to See Before You Die by Amber Massie-Blomfield subtitled A love letter to Britain’s theatres. Present on the shelves at Tackle and Book in the books about Mull section as it features Mull Theatre it also features Century Theatre where I did a season as Assistant Stagemanager but nit at its current location.

It’s an experience that is informing and shaping my creative producing ambitions. Beautifully written to share history as content and personal reflections from the author into the selection of the 20 put her deciding the final list it is enchanting. For my diploma I will be reading back in to the world of theatre. Emerging as the theatre maker I intend to producer from. This book traversing Ancient Roman Britain, Shakespearean London, Matcham, Ghost Walks, protest and even current affairs consciousness of my own with the Battersea Arts Centre referencing its fire in 2015 which I remember hitting my Twitter feed. I’ve yet to read the Mull or Century Theatre chapters. It’s been an interesting meditation on the nature of Place and the importance of theatre, as an act and as a location.

It’s reawakened an internal dialogue examining the nature of theatre and my own story markers deeply rooted in theatre, attending and working.

The second book “Reading the Rocks” by Brenda Maddox is to expand my thinking for DinoHack. I’m aware there is a legacy from women who have discovered the dino world. I want to bring that out as part of the hackathon. Pioneering women.