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Kicked by ‘the’ algorithm

There are so many. Algorithms not Kickings!

Media should be made for your audience. Content should be created for the consumer.

There is a change taking place in my soul and my life is transposing on November 1st. I find the world a discontinuity. I don’t really feel part of it. I try to find a way to be part of it but ultimately when I do follow the current wisdom the world shuts me down.

Can I be more explicit to provide a context? I do concede this is deeply digital and dare I say ‘a bit meta’ but ironically that concept is the prescient Big Bang in the social media universe right now, the dawning of the mainstreams attention being turned to the Metaverse! From LegendQuest to SecondLife this time should be mine.

Everything anticipated in virtuality and augmented space is staked in the recent announcement from Facebook externalising corporately as Meta.

I find myself on a chasm bank with no way across.

From a working class background with roots on London’s east end that moved to the midlands in the early 70’s. My parents were from London families tempted to the provinces lured by the new wave of council house estates.

So the kicking…
I haven’t made media for intentional public consumption in a while. I’ve been keeping my hand in and recently been attending some social media for business webinars funded my East Midlands Chamber.

I haven’t been pushing my output. I’ve been present but undemanding. Traffic was as I expected. I post the hits increase. This time I took an opportunity to livestream from Instagram after rediscovering IGLive and from Twitter. It was underwhelming to say the least. I did a couple of audio tweets too. All went no where! Silence. And the feeds changed taking away the conversations I was following as a member of audiences of creators I was tracking.

Well here it is. The mini vlog from the event I covered. It was a favour. I was hoping to at least add some views to their activities.

Any advice or insights welcome in regards to my cold shoulder experience and proverbial pistol whipping from the algorithms that is the social web.