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2021 wins - 2022 begins

RezDay is … the day I gave birth to an icon.

When I stopped touring and re trained as a web person it was to start a family. For various reasons that was not to be. Workplace employer conflict meant I lost my job where I was hoping to get maternity and support beyond being freelance. That December in 2006 I discovered and decended in to SecondLife and my Avatar Katie Reve was rezzed for the first time on this day. Katie is now 15. Things don’t alway pan out as you intend but their legacy fuels your future. Is there such a thing as melancholy joy? 2021 has been a meditation on mindfulness and I am looking forward to reflecting on my year as it comes to a close.

I posted this on Facebook as I felt the day should be marked. If Dan and I had started a family it would have been then. Career pressure and being a women have been the greatest conflict of my life. I was never ready, never mature enough, never financially stables enough. New life comes with new life responsibilities. It’s not that I never wanted them I was I felt in the eyes of the world never enough.

I hope that has changed for women now between 25 and 35.

PIPA (Parents in Performing Arts) came to late for my life journey. I have aspirations as a carer for those Katie’s age now. 15 - 25 is the beginning and the place I hope I find my later years able to support.

More 2021 reflection through December.

Interesting to find myself at a crossroads again. Found this article from the following year after completing an entrepreneurial scholarship and am Internet Service Diploma through The IT Learning Centre.

It was the time in which I began to blog. Check out my posters coving my SecondLife earliest adventure.