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Translating PDF to English - #AudDev Reporting Season

Swedish to English

Q. What do you can someone who speaks more than one language? A. Bi-lingual.

Q. What do you can someone who speaks many languages? A. a Polyglot.

Q. What do you can someone who speaks only one language? A. English!

I am passionate about audience engagement and developing structures to understand the needs and behaviours of what makes up audiences. These structures often emerge from projects undertaken through collaboration with academics and stakeholder culture practitioners working artistically, educationally, communally, managerially or administratively in the Arts, Culture and Entertainment industries and their various sectors.

In the last 12 months, I have seen the rise of the term Participation enter the crucible of audience conundrum.

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Did you watch or see Yerma?


NTLive broadcast live from the Old Vic on August 31st 2017. It will be shown in cinemas internationally from September 21st.

I'm interested to hear how you feel about being in an audience watching a live-streamed piece of theatre rather than being in the actual audience.

Does being in the live-stream audience change the experience?

Do you think had you been in the actual audience it would have added anything?

Did watching the live-stream feel different from seeing it?

I'm very interested in audience experiences.

The text in bold are questions I emailed to a friend who attended the live screening. I asked her to consider these question. She received the email after seeing the performance and her responses were honest, revealing and showed great awareness of her audience experience. There were some plus points and downsides she shared.

I'm writing this blog post hoping to widen my enquiry.

If you saw the live stream of the production please answer in the comments or email me if you'd like to share privately. If you are interested in my research please email also.

#FutureFest - paperless

Do you have a QR code scanner of choice? Do you have a QR code scanner at all? What about creating them? If you don't use QRcodes what about link shorteners like For the leap of uber geekery, where do you stand on augmented reality?

I am always looking to optomise and declutter, part of that is not acquiring more. 

IMG_0299Heading to FutureFest on Sunday my thoughts turn to packing and preparing to be present. Business cards are a staple, but if my card collection and networking experience is anything to go by I tend to exchange tweets, exchange email via DM (direct message) and meet for coffee if a work collaboration is really on the cards.

I do like cards and have quite a collection! I tend to attend events in many capacities so getting a one size fits all card is always problematic.

I do meet people who are far more interested in the projects I've worked on and supported rather than me so I used to carry a few project packs or booklets in a folder.

Now I carry a key ring. (see picture above) I like to share and distribute the project findings, especially in same sector conferences.

On the digital key ring are the following

The TLOEOLT - The League of Extraordinary Online Talent - Brochure on Scribd

@pcmcreative - @PhilCampbell - @DanielRoseArt ... The Team 


The Great thing with these is I can update the brochures, even change the links at not extra cost.

There is also a geo-location feature that enables me to see where the scan was made. This is particularly useful with unique codes on posters or printed materials. 

PCM social web assistant program - MONICA brochure on Scribd


This would be brochure number two I'd be carrying around. Its the consultancy service I offer and I tend to be at conferences to represent client projects and not to promote myself. If anyone asks I'm prepared if I have a code that can be scanned. I'm looking for clients with a spirit of tech adventure. It they have a scanner it tells me a lot about their mind set.

The 2014 Audiences Europe PDF case studies to share the Open All Areas audience development research findings resulting from the Creative Europe Grundvig Funded program. 

There are 13 reports in this set of PDF's they have been collected on ISSUU in a 'stack'. Access and downloads can be tracked. Data and use stats can only be a good thing?



A QR code makes sharing so much easier!
PCMcreative QR code contact detailsI also have one with my contact details, including a follow link to Twitter and G+ plus a YouTube video showcasing the Livestream continuity studio, which is part of the Digital Audience Experience I'm working on right now.
I've got a few more QR codes... There is also the event app for Arts and Audiences created with Bizzabo and a code for the Bizzabo app itself. Only thing I can't have a code for is a QR code reader!
So I wonder if anyone at #FutureFest will have a quick draw QR code reader?

#FutureFest - On your marks...

NESTA asserts to be the UK’s innovation foundation. They say it “uses FutureFest to gather some of the most radical thinkers, makers and performers together to create an immersive experience of what the world might be like in decades to come.” Is it audience or participants they want? Where does the line get drawn between speakers sharing, industry networking, sector research, practitioner showcases and the general attendees experience?

FutureFest is designed as a multi-format festival, which gives visitors ample opportunity to take self-guided journeys. Is life not a self guided journey? This event, like any event needs linear thought. Conferences do tend to run multi-threaded programs. You can't be everywhere and as nice as the OpenSpace ‘rule of two feet’ is, it isn’t a solution for indecision.

FutureFest tell us on their site "The programme will span discussions, performances, installations and interactive experiences. Attendees will be engaged as active participants, informed and challenged to explore and formulate their own vision of the future.” So we are promised engagement, information and provocation encouraging us to determine what the future will look like from where we stand today looking forward with the explorations that are taking place.

This position is important. Where we are now. This impacts on the understanding we have in the future. We are all aware that the generation classified as ‘Millennials’ are categorised by their perspective on technology, that they don’t know what the world was like before the dawn of the pervasive web. A similar generation would have been those who had no living memory of life without the electric light switch. Going forward a defining era will be that a generation will emerge with no living recollection of a time without augmented reality.

The physical senses are important and this is clear to me as I look at the FutureFest program and plan out my time. How will they, the organisers engage me in these sessions, in the event itself? What information will they provide? How will they challenge my perspective? Will they shape my thinking? Will it impact my work? Will it help me?

I have a ticket for the Sunday only thanks to Body>Data>Space

This is where I plan to be (defined by the purple outlines).


Women Shift Digital - Catalyst Event - Nov 2014


Conferences don't just happen. This was a catalyst event, A meeting of key influences identified by the lead organiser Ghislaine Boddington from Body>Data>Space. She invited to a half day workshop around 80 people to brainstorm where the event WomenShiftDigital should head next. If WomenShiftDigital, Body>Data>Space or Robots and Avatars is new to you I captured on my Livescribe pen this introduction at the event's opening where Ghislaine provides a little insight into the history of the projects and how they sit together. Its just a few minutes and you can hear me taking notes. As a Dyslexic I couldn't live without my Livescribe pen. Thought I'd share this. Ghislaine puts it much better than I can transpose!

WSD opening intro by Ghislaine Boddington

IMG_3786After the opening introduction and context the audiences was presented with a series of presentations headlined as provocations. All of these aimed to interrogate the following.

- What does the word creative mean today in the digital context?

- How many companies in the, so called Creative Industries are fully aware of the process of creativity at play in their work?

- What is the connection of the experimental arts and the creative culture sector to the expansion of creativity in the digital realm?

- Would the heightened recognition of the importance of creativity within digital innovation, encourage more women and girls to work in the technology sector?

This was followed by several round table discissions.

This was a gender balanced call asking us to look at 'the scheme of things' right now. Not women standing together in a struggle, but men and women together standing to promote a cause and work towards a solution.

Only with women, men and a common understanding of the issues facing the cause, the low uptake of women in the technology sector and STEM amongst other concerns discussed at the WomenShiftDigital catalyst event do we progress. In this case to contribute our thinking to an evolving event WomenShiftDigial to take place in May 2015.

I had become aware of the Robots and Avatar project when Audiences Europe showcased at the Culture in Motion - European Audiences 2020 and beyond. Getting involved and networking within the sector with practitioners and producers is vital for me to understand the cultural context of being present and proactive in this fast moving tech centric society.

There was a brochure from the European Audiences 2020 and beyond lots of amazing projects.

I look forward to following this event (WomenShiftDigital) and hope to be part of it as it unfolds and develops.


Standing Together - 2013 Equity Elections

All stop, All change... Equity is changing.

400px-voteGood thing or Bad thing? I think its a good thing as long I know how I/we can get our voice heard. The online engagement and development of an Online Branch is underway and will become more important in the years to come. Good or bad the change is happening. I'd like to be able to coninue championing independent artists and production creatives both on and off line.

So if you have a vote please use it and vote for me. Use or filter #voteCJ to follow the chatter on Twitter. Over the next few weeks I'll be offering further information about the changes and an insight in to Equity and the new committee structure. 

Old Structure and New Structure Representation


New Structure


Are you an Equity Member or do you know members? Eitherway please sign up and follow my Equity 2013 Elections Standing Together campaign. Please visit my Standing Together Campaign page

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In the Heart of Creativity?

Broadway LaceMarket CreativeQuarter
It was great news when I discovered the City Deal was won on the strengths of Nottingham's most creative area of the city, The Lace Market. It's a beautiful area briming with industrial georgian architure the Lace and Rag trade left its mark on this modern day creativity fueled area. It's testiment to the established businesses and creative practitioners resident in the buildings that this recognition has been gained. But what happens now the business suits come to town?

I'm worried.

This is the start of something to colour our city for a decade. It's immediate milestone seems to be Nottingham's digital web TV station launching in 2014. Not just a channel but an independent media powerhouse. The layering of the Ultraband project to bring high speed, low latency fibre broadband to the area, a connectivity triangle of Confetti Media School, Broadway Media Centre and BioCity is a tantalising project. Rumour has it that this will extend down Stoney Street and up High Pavement to embrace the city's most prestigious Arts venue Nottingham Contemporary. Rumour and conjecture are however not points of fact.

As an independent social technologies practitioner and event produce primarily working with Arts, Culture, Hertitage and Tourism audience developers the success of this 'City Deal' program will be the audience it generates be they participants, consumers or creators. Business needs to identify which of these it is going to entertain. This is where the revenue comes from to feed the cycle of creative production needed for artists to survive.

Audience should not be secondary and as a project of this scale evolves the audience will demand new objectives until it reaches sustainability a conclusion which succeeds on the winning the hearts and minds of the general public.

More on this I have no doubt. There is an undercurrent of engagement between the resident creatives including the appointment of Rikki Marr as Creative Quarter ambassador. Please make be be able to write positively about the Creative Quarter's progress. I also fear for the potential to exploit independent creatives luring them with promises of content exposure.

Resources... what is the City Deal? This will evolve and grow as I follow the poject across social web platforms. Valuable social media conversation on Twitter will be included to develop a picture for those os us below the radar of the traditional promotional roots.


Without Wall... the art of conversation curation

Four days before May's Notttuesday I was asked to talk. A subject of my choosing. I wanted to show a piece of my self and offer an insight in to what PCM has be up to, on-line community development and real-time engagement. Late in to the night ideas bounced around ably fielded by @danielroseart and @philcampbell.

It became an opportunity to reflect on the recent work PCM has supported and helped to grow. 

The condensed presentation from 28 slides is available above. The key points which I attempted to reinforce with the network example slides guided the flow of my delivery.

Architects Journal, Pilot Theatre's Shift Happens, Get Amb:IT:ion, Audiences Europe, Lace Market House and The National Theatre of Wales being drawn upon to illustrate conversational input to social media audience development.

I finished the session without taking questions. Glancing round the room and not wanting to break the tone I suggested beer and continued conversation. I thought it went quite well.

I seem to have another two talks coming up. A workshop on Internet Safety for a Brownie pack and a fringe session at Equity's Annual Representative Conference to lead a discussion focused on the organisation's website usability, adoption and development.

May concludes "On the Ground" with Audiences Europe in Rotterdam for Audiences Inside/Out

Social Media and the Stagemanager - GO #smaconf

Smaconfsmall_logoAt 2.30 pm (the time this post is set to publish) I'm delivering a talk and extended Q&A as a first step towards developing a programme of personal development workshops for stagemanagers working in the theatre industry to take advantage of the social media tools emerging and evolving.

Here are the slided. If you are a Stagemanager please complete the survey and help with my research. Add your comments using the #smaconf hashtag in Twitter.

"Standing By" for the very first Stage Management Association conference.

Smaconfsmall_logoI became a member of the SMA in 1995 it's 'Blue List' led to many offers of work during my time as a stagemanager. I also served on the board for a couple of years. 'Paying it forward' to acknowledge influence and 'paying it back' to nourish the future have always been important to me. It's one of the reason's why I blog. When I received an email announcing the idea of holding the first conference for stagemanagers I immediately contacted Barbara, SMA's executive director to offer a social media focused session with the stage manager at its core. With all the web platforms, tools and services I have discovered since my final stagemanagement job I wanted an opportunity to share my finding.

I was delighted to be invited to present at this very first UK and possibly the World's first conference for Stage managers. It's an opportunity to create a programme of digital web skills workshops conceived from the opinions and feedback from the unprecedented coming together of some of the best live event organisers this country has.

Stagemanagers are super high functioning organisers. If there is a more efficient way to perform a task or set of tasks a stagemanager will find it. Social Media for Stagemanagers is not about efficiency or time saving although that can be a consequence, its about distribution and more effective collaboration. Social Media provides channels of communication previously unimagined. But they take time to makes and they take time to implement. That is the hurdle.

I know what I want to share. I have been asking around amongst working stagemanagers in my network and reaching out across Twitter, how social media is impacting the industry and especially how it is impacting their jobs directly in the production arena in all areas. The results of the survey I have running, the conversations I'm having and the talk with extended Q&A I'll be delivering at the conference are to inform the development of a series of workshops, seminars or training classes to provide professional development opportunities to working stagemanagers and most importantly SMA members.

I'd like to thank Grahame Reid @parcanboy, Sharon Calcutt @shadaca, Paul Green @paulgreenld and all the anonymous participants in the PCM Stage Management survey - You and Social Media

The hashtag for following the conversation in Twitter is #smaconf. Not yet on Twitter? you can watch the conversation on Tweetizen.

Conference programme for February 12th 2012.