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PCM Packages - tied up with a big purple crypto silk ribbon.

Since the start of last years lockdown I’ve had the opportunity to develop the deliverables at the heart of PCMcreative.


Bespoke solution to podcast, livestream, create content even host and produce online and hybrid events all in a super secure flight case.


Cloud or Ground hybrid event production with your audience at its core. 

Apps & Technology Play

Innovative research, development with digital and augmented engagement the priority. Gamification, Geolocation, Raspberry Pi, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and further voyages of crypto discovery.

Projects got funding and now I’m doing amazing stuff. I’ve always found it hard to market and promote what I do. I love what I do and those on my projects and the clients enjoy the results. They are beginnings. They are foundations. 
My clients and collaborators shine and thrive. 

Currently active packages I’m working on...

  • 1 day conference
  • 1/2 day workshop series
  • Monthly lecture series
  • Instagram AR mini game
  • QRcode quiz trailNetwork of 6 Raspberry
  • Pi smart screensAudio guide mobile app
  • Ambient Geo visitor eBook

3 phase tech box

  • Media making for social
  • Podcasting, YouTube studio and Web video production
  • Hybrid Event streaming provision 

Also I’m excited about 2 venue (on the ground) based events with blended hybrid capacity are on the drawing board. 

A 1 day workshop and a 3 day Hackathon 

Ooo and to end this post...

a stage production is in early finance planning for funding and investment. I’ve had this potential show in my mind my entire career. It’s hardwired into the name I use for my business. PCMcreative is the burning ambition to produce that show.

Facebook is Back

Facebook is back. Just before Christmas. No, just before New Year, I removed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from all of my mobile devices. I did this because I was constantly checking them, and they were constantly there, and the icons, burned themselves into my retinas. Every time I looked at my screen they were the things that I compulsively went to. And it wasn't because I wanted to know what was going on but it just became habitual. And that felt wrong.

I wanted, and I always wanted social media to be an augmentation to my understanding of what's going on in my day to day. It's a way of making sure that information is being brought to me, and that if there are projects I'm doing, I can disseminate content to the audience and partners. That had changed.

Some people have New Year's resolutions. I like to have a word for meditation. And this year (2021) it's mindfulness. It's been interesting that some people have some negative connotations when it comes to mindfulness and the sentiment that it imbues. However, for me, it is a way of centering my thinking whether it's social, or business or personal.

So, DinoHack is a project that for the first time since the start of the pandemic, I'm going to be focused on for more than one day a week. And this means that I have time to do the digital marketing, I've been trying to find someone to support the digital marketing that PCM projects and PCM creative does on each project, but I've found it really hard to find somebody. DinoHack needs to have social media marketing. And I realise that, I'm perfectly capable of doing it, I was a bit unsure as to whether I knew enough anymore because it changes so fast. I delivered workshops on social media in 2010. And we're now in 2021. That 10 year old knowledge, some of it is relevant and it gives me a really firm foundation for what social media is, but what social media has become is something very different.

So Twitter made it back onto my phone quite early on, for reference rather than posting. I don't post as much as I used to, and I don't feel that I have to.

Instagram, made it back onto my phone because of the project I've done for Cromford Mills, which is exploring the augmented reality capabilities of Instagram because Cromford Mills, AR Cat Game is using Instagram, as its foundation technology. Christian Venables has been working with me to create an augmented reality mini cat game for Cromford visitors. So that's why Instagram made its way back on

LinkedIn, didn't really go anywhere. I just realised that I really need to pay a lot more attention to it, and it's never really had a structured build, it just had stuff from my CV that I think people might be interested in, it's not really very structured. Of all the platforms, it's unique to itself really, and everybody should have a LinkedIn profile if they are serious about doing business. And when I mean doing business. I mean that could be business to business it could be business to customer but if you are registered as self employed, as a sole trader, anything higher than that.

People specially in the entertainment industry in the creative arts, don't always see the necessity for why they need LinkedIn, but I promise you, it is absolutely vital. Over the last few days, When I've been looking for Prime contacts to contact for DinoHack, LinkedIn, and the Contact Relationship Management, that goes around that, Apollo plugs into LinkedIn is just pure gold dust.

So Facebook is back. And Facebook is back because buffer is back. Buffer is going to be the way that I line up articles that I find about and for DinoHack to be able to release content over time, so I will be able to spend 15-20 minutes or as I am browsing news which is what I tend to do I use features which will push content out to social media and buffer is the way of being able to to ‘buffer’ that.

So, four times a day, any of the platforms that I manage, I will be able to put an article on there. And as I keep doing it if I do more than four a day, then that backs them up for the next day and the next day the next day and then you start to build up that that archive of content.

There is a caveat of warning on this. However, if you are automating, and you are automating a topic which is likely to be current affairs news. If something happens in the news, that means that the articles that you're pushing out could be an appropriate, you need to be able to know how to lock down and stop your feeds going out automatically. And that's the case for any social media, automated feed. I mean even a live stream which is automating the liveliness of content. If you are going out live. You must always have a way and a protocol of shutting that down if something goes wrong.

I'm going to leave this post at this point. This article is the first one I have notated using As a new feature on my iPhone 8 which is my latest phone where I can do a triple tap on the back of my phone and it activates an audio app and I've chosen otter so that it's transcribing, so I will be going to check that, copying the text out and putting it into my blog.

And then my blog will get posted. Currently it's still going out on TypePad, but I'm looking to maybe transfer that to pistachio, which I really love. It's a blogging platform that uses Evernote as its content management point.

And then of course I've got a new website that is work in progress that may be coming out through WordPress, that's a completely different mindset of whether I want to go down the WordPress rabbit hole. The End.

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Digitise vs Digitalisation

This is profoundly relevant and routed in a guiding principle that has long been quoted by me imparted by one of my greatest influencers Marcus Romer. “Don’t add technology to the way you do things. Change the way you do things once you know what technology can do.”

This is distilled as 2021 opens in to summer rephrased like origami to Digitalise not Digitise.

What does this mean for lockdown innovations in screen and live performed online theatre? Blended and Remote attendance, digital live evaporating into on demand.
John Maeda’s medium article referees to business innovations.

“Digitizing is easy, but succeeding in digitalization these days requires care and attention to the design of an experience if you are intending to charge a premium.”

Digitizing: Taking what is an existing process or activity and making it electronic to create cost efficiencies.

Digitalizing: Realizing an entirely new digital business that can take on the likes of Amazon or Netflix to generate new topline revenue.

Michael Fisher tweeted below John’s medium in my timeline. The two synchronised tweets inspired today’s post.


It’s easy to get light headed by the overwhelming newness of each and every day. It’s easy to allow anxiety to wash over me. The digitalised horizons are revealed the closer you approach. I want as much time as I can embrace. But the world is moving faster than I want to move. Faster than I can competently process. 

That internal metronome will orchestrate me through. We are entering exciting times.
Transformation. I like this concept.

Analogue heart and a digitalised soul.

“Uniquely work in progress” is how I feel.

Perhaps that should go on my grave stone!

Living in the NOW


There are times when advice you have received and given become relevant. That’s tends to be during an encounter where you feel that moment shared will resonate and inform someone you are with in this moment. It’s a reassurance that what they are experiencing is timely, will pass and like you they will triumph.

Your lived experience bringing hope to those who have yet to accumulate theirs.
I don’t know how my lived experience is relevant in the time of Covid.

My reflection is specifically turning to career, exams and further / higher education before the career path begins.

A world away today. A distant past that on occasion seems like yesterday and on others faded slight remembrances. 

I was always a little disappointed by my uni experience but in the light is 2020 and the dawn of 2021 want consolation can I provide? What vision of beyond the limited horizon of youth can I give?

Life will go on? Passion will endure? Love will conquer all? Listen to your head but follow your heart? 

The most influential bit of advice I ever received that truly shaped my early career in my mid to late 20’s was “don’t take a job because there’s nothing else, chase and take the jobs you want.”

It served me well in career phase one. I thought it would be just that way for the duration then I’d retire. In between there would be life, love, family and folly along side work, life and culture.

Career 2 emerged in the wake of emerging social technology. I was definitely in the wrong place at the right time! Always trying to find my place. Absorbing adulthood and learning business, adapting and adopting digital, Its potential joyously screaming community, audiences, freedom, connection. 

That time was dark with diamonds.The kick in the teeth was Brexit. The light came with lockdown.

How do I give insight that goes in the face if normalcy? I feel baffled by the present. With all my focus I failed to work and find sustained employment. All my attempts to actively find work and further my career was hard and bore minimal fruit.

Now I see possibility as I am entering career 3 it was Jan 2020 I gave in to circumstance. By March we were in the now.

This now. The story continues.

Distilling Complexity #Legacy


Distillation (metaphorically) subjects a source to scrutiny before producing an interpretation in a simple yet considered form. 


In the literal process it’s reducing a liquid to its purest form.


Making sense of the business world I entered following my career phase 1 (1994 - 2005) on the back of the entertainment industry I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I emerged intuitive a world at the dawn of mainstream social media. I entered the arena via a side door having met my first business network connection in virtual world SecondLife. 


I genuinely didn’t know Twitter was new. I encountered a group of people doing things in a different way. Instead of communication with mobile voice and text they were using a more immediate communication they were calling status updating.


It changed my world.


Over the following few years 2006 - 20010 I attempted to distil my growing understanding for my self and for those I increasingly encountered as I traversed the line of freelance and entrepreneur, worker and sole trader. 


Transitioning from career phase 1 to phase 2 the only constant was my self employed status. A blessing and a curse. 


From this time I distilled 2 sets of principle frameworks. The 7 Roads of Social Media and The 4 privacy P’s. 


I used these in workshops, presentations and talk during those early days of social media. Many of the attendees and subsequent conversations led several entrepreneurs to excel and become agency executives. My fondest recollection is with Jed Hallam now Chief Strategy Officer at


The adage I found as a guiding principle came from Marcus Romer now a founding artist at Mutiny Projects.


“Don’t add technology to the way you do things, change the way you do things once you know what the technology can do.”


The 7 Roads framework was first compiled for the first public talk I delivered.


In July 2008 it was 6 points to open the discussion about leveraging social media for business.


The 7 Roads first featured in their current inception of 7 in Nov 2008


This was distilled into the foundation of the workshops and training corses I delivered marking the end of my career phase 2.


They stay with me, they are hard wired into my thinking but I have never written about them or how they inform development and strategy of business and creative production.

In the Heart of Creativity?

Broadway LaceMarket CreativeQuarter
It was great news when I discovered the City Deal was won on the strengths of Nottingham's most creative area of the city, The Lace Market. It's a beautiful area briming with industrial georgian architure the Lace and Rag trade left its mark on this modern day creativity fueled area. It's testiment to the established businesses and creative practitioners resident in the buildings that this recognition has been gained. But what happens now the business suits come to town?

I'm worried.

This is the start of something to colour our city for a decade. It's immediate milestone seems to be Nottingham's digital web TV station launching in 2014. Not just a channel but an independent media powerhouse. The layering of the Ultraband project to bring high speed, low latency fibre broadband to the area, a connectivity triangle of Confetti Media School, Broadway Media Centre and BioCity is a tantalising project. Rumour has it that this will extend down Stoney Street and up High Pavement to embrace the city's most prestigious Arts venue Nottingham Contemporary. Rumour and conjecture are however not points of fact.

As an independent social technologies practitioner and event produce primarily working with Arts, Culture, Hertitage and Tourism audience developers the success of this 'City Deal' program will be the audience it generates be they participants, consumers or creators. Business needs to identify which of these it is going to entertain. This is where the revenue comes from to feed the cycle of creative production needed for artists to survive.

Audience should not be secondary and as a project of this scale evolves the audience will demand new objectives until it reaches sustainability a conclusion which succeeds on the winning the hearts and minds of the general public.

More on this I have no doubt. There is an undercurrent of engagement between the resident creatives including the appointment of Rikki Marr as Creative Quarter ambassador. Please make be be able to write positively about the Creative Quarter's progress. I also fear for the potential to exploit independent creatives luring them with promises of content exposure.

Resources... what is the City Deal? This will evolve and grow as I follow the poject across social web platforms. Valuable social media conversation on Twitter will be included to develop a picture for those os us below the radar of the traditional promotional roots.


Creating a social media strategy for B2B organisations | Econsultancy

We live in a consumer world and social media is a B2C portal especially if style, lifestyle, reputataion or status are affected in the 'liking'. We are after all social beings although at times the bafflement and suprise that social media is even here makes me wonder about folks some times. Businesses can be social with businesses. I don't think I would have continued with my own business if social media hadn't connected me with my business community and peer group.

This excerpt is from an Econsultancy post examining the rising awareness and interest in B2B social media engagement.

I love that it all started with experimentation and gave them a 'taste' for forthing thier social media activity.

The post by Tim Cawsey begins, My company Gemalto, a digital security provider listed in Paris, had begun experimenting with social media communications on a project basis and got a taste for it.

However, we realised if we wanted to do it well we needed to look at it strategically. While every company has a different internal culture, target markets and social media maturity, I’ve identified the following five steps that can be applied to creating a B2B social media strategy:

  1. Take time to create a strategy.
  2. Map your audiences’ online media habits and identify your influencers.
  3. Share social media responsibility and train internally.
  4. Focus on the right social networks for you.
  5. Plan campaigns but don’t forget to be reactive.

read this article in full at

Mapping the social media landscape for 2011: infographic | Econsultancy

I love info-graphics. This one caught my eye with its progressive stats which reflect my own social dilemma. As social media platforms integrate, the connection with an audience is made easier. Building the audience with consistency is as real as ever and not directly digital but the social media mechanics evolve in our digital lives for both personal and professional activity. Combined with public and private implications 2012 will be an intersting year.

Some of the most interesting highlights are below. Here, Dream Systems Media presents the must-know numbers from the biggest and best networks, based on AdAge data.

  • Auto-posting to Facebook decreases likes and comments by 70%
  • B2C Facebook results go up by 30% on Sundays
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter and 20% have closed deals using Twitter
  • 55% of people access Twitter via their mobiles
  • 40% of bloggers consider themselves professionals
  • 20% of searched on Google each day have never been made before
  • 56% of college students said that if they were offered a job by a company that banned social media use, they’d turn it down

see the infographic for full details:



Before Treshnish - IOFNC : 'on the ground'

Sometime I wish I could paint. I have just returned from the most serene escape on the Isle of Mull. It wasn't easy to blog... see my Extreme Blogging post.

I wrote: No wifi, No phone signal, a sheep bleats in the distant, the sea swells, the birds chirp. The last rays of the sun pierce the clouds falling on the sea creating a pool of gold as mist rolls in. 8.50pm and I sit at the picnic table to write. Alone with my LiveScribe pen and notebook. My week leading up to my holiday was not so serene.

Monday 4th July I was in London at the IOFNC Institute of Fundraising National Convention. 


Sylwia Presley who I followed on twitter before listening to an Ethics of the Web talk she delivered at MCL2 (Media Camp London 2) invited PCM to blog at this event. PCM projects (currently Phil Campbell @philcampbell and myself Caron Lyon @pcmcreative) are hoping to develop an 'on the ground' real time media making service for events so this opportunity to do what we excel at, capturing expectation, experience, the buzz 'on the ground' that makes an event so special. We interact with the people coming together to learn from and meet with like-minded professionals before they scattering to apply new knowledge to the organisation they have come from.

Over the 3 days around 2,000 (estimate) charity and fundraisers came together at London's Metropol Hotel with over 200 seminars and keynotes delivered by a congregation of speakers excelling in there this fields.


View more presentations from JustGiving


IOFNC - How to Optimise Online Fundraising

There were session firing off all around the convention centre. I took the opportunity to catch this one delivered by Joanne Warner and Jamie Parkins. Essentially fundraising using social tools. They kindly uploaded the slide presentation to SlideShare. I also captured a snippit of the audio while I was in the room. It is the last 10 mins before the Q&A.

It covered

  • Twitter bucket lists
  • Getting developers on board early
  • Thinking of the end user
  • Multiple channels of engagement
  • Accept and be prepared for change
  • API-control of the user experience
  • Optimizing sign in and sign up
  • SMS technology
  • Mobile participation
  • Apps are expensive
  • Take part in the conversation

...and that was just the big I notated!

More 'on the ground' media

37 IOFNC AudioBoos


66 IOFNC Instagrams

831 IOFNC pictures shared on Flickr


Bloggers corner was real treat having a spot to call homebase. Great to be 'on the ground'.

Do startups need to hire social media experts? - Social Media

"I’m not going to talk about why startups should utilize social media and all that other basic stuff. Instead, I’ll focus more on the bottom line aspect of finding out what their purposes and agendas for using social media are, which is a prerequisite before even thinking of hiring a social media expert."


I am very interested in the emerging attitudes to social media 'bringing in the best to be the best'.

Every 'Start Up' should include a social media 'expert' in the executive team or someone who knows someone who does and can bring them on board. You shouldn't 'hire', you should look to them to ignite a social media following from the start. The power of social networks is the following network connections. You have to have a social heart before being a social media 'expert' we make projects fly.

I'm uncomfortable with the term 'expert' when referring to social media, being good at social media is being a good communicator through the medium of digital.