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Rocketbook - Dyslexics & Scribblers, you need one of these.

Potentially, the only notebook you will ever need to buy, ever again. I kid you not. You don't need a special tech pen, but you do need to use Pilot Frixion pens. I can't wait to get mine. 

"Rocketbook allows people to enjoy the pleasure of writing in a traditional paper and pen notebook, while digitizing all notes and sending them to the cloud, without introducing any special electronics." says the campaign page.

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 Cool or what?

Go check it out

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Why crowdsourcing is rubbish - Is it not about context?

"Recently, Brent Council launched an online survey seeking opinions on its ‘waste messages’ – slogans and designs intended to raise awareness of the importance of recycling." via

IMG_2344 Thought you might find this interesting. Its always important to weigh up the successes and failures of any new concept. It brings in to the equation the willingness of the crowd.

I think this blog article demonstrates why there is opposition and cynicism regarding crowd-sourcing. The mindset behind the collective crowd and the motivation to participate is as important as the campaign itself, in order to source from 'The Crowd', you have to know the crowd.

I currently have a group of students investigating crowd-sourcing for PCM encompassing the entire spectrum of platforms that have arisen in recent months. Looking forward to receiving their report and presentation.

Hearing a crowdsourcing talk at a 2011 BAFA roadshow and observing the blank uncomprehending faces around me I could see that no matter how awesome the concept they didn't have the social networking capability to realise a project funded in this way.

I wanted to know more about how as a resource I can help companies tap in to the power of the crowd.

I spoke to crowdsource platform developer Nick Wright on my web show