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The Rise of Thinking Machines: What Performers Need to Know


At the October meeting of Equity's East Midlands Branch the speaker, the first “Branch Talks with…Industrial Officials” guest was Liam Budd.

The use of Artificial Intelligence across the audio and entertainment industry is on the rise. At the recent Equity East Midlands branch meeting, Liam from Equity's recorded media department gave an eye-opening presentation about artificial intelligence and its impacts on the entertainment world.

Liam is a strong advocate for the protection of performers from unregulated technology. In June 2023, he called on the government to “step in with robust measures to properly regulate the use of AI in the entertainment industry”.

AI, Liam clarified refers to "thinking" machines that can perform tasks requiring human intelligence and creativity. While the technology presents opportunities, legitimate concerns exist around job displacement, infringement of rights, and ethical implications.

As highlighted in Liam's talk, AI is already being used to clone the voices, images, and performances of individuals - sometimes without consent. Harmful deep fakes represent one troubling application, with women frequently victimised.

Liam explained Equity's efforts to empower members through initiatives like the "Stop AI Stealing the Show" campaign and a comprehensive AI toolkit. The union aims to strengthen performer rights and incorporate ethical AI clauses into collective bargaining agreements.

Key principles include centring human creativity, requiring consent, giving artists control over digital likenesses, ensuring fair compensation, and promoting transparency.

As AI capacities rapidly advance, we face a critical window of opportunity. Performers must educate themselves on the issues and possibilities surrounding thinking machines. Groups like Equity are advocating for ethical frameworks, but success hinges on members proactively exercising their rights.

The future remains unwritten. But by banding together and insisting technology serves creators - not replace them - we can author a new script. Our art forms depend on the infusion of humanity. As Equity's toolkit states, progress cannot lower the curtain on live performance.

Write up by Caron Lyon (assisted by Claude.AI)


“Guidance on Artificial Intelligence work for artists” is one of the resources produced by the department. Equity has also compiled an AI Toolkit to help members begin to give context to this new technology and help you understand how to recognise and manage it as it impacts and integrates into our working lives. It will affect everyone differently.

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Challenging in a SafeSpace

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. I would like to challenge something, hope you will not mind. [states issue, outlines how they intend to resolve the issue on a personal level] ...and would like to ask you to do the same.

I always feel these forms should be confidential and anonymous and I don't want to share my personal data or receive data from other people. 

Thank you.

All the best to you all.


I received this email in response to one I was included in the sender list. It lightened my soul.

Having a voice and effectiveness to use it are very different.

In this instance it was a diversity survey for a small close team of creatives. The funding body required the survey be carried out.

It was sent as a list of questions via email and a few had begun responding using reply all.


Identity Sexual



Access Requirements

SafeSpace feedback

All vital company diversity data. Applications for work and large scale projects frequently ask candidates to complete an equal opportunities form. I was a little uncomfortable not because I’m not ashamed of who I am but it’s private and personal. My response was not in a reply all.

I was reassured by this response and thought it was the way to challenge a circumstance and nudge everyone to submit the info if the discomfort had prevented action until now.

Thank you. I love the way this was assertively approached. A lesson learnt.

Seemed a tangental blog post but one I wanted to share.

Living in the NOW


There are times when advice you have received and given become relevant. That’s tends to be during an encounter where you feel that moment shared will resonate and inform someone you are with in this moment. It’s a reassurance that what they are experiencing is timely, will pass and like you they will triumph.

Your lived experience bringing hope to those who have yet to accumulate theirs.
I don’t know how my lived experience is relevant in the time of Covid.

My reflection is specifically turning to career, exams and further / higher education before the career path begins.

A world away today. A distant past that on occasion seems like yesterday and on others faded slight remembrances. 

I was always a little disappointed by my uni experience but in the light is 2020 and the dawn of 2021 want consolation can I provide? What vision of beyond the limited horizon of youth can I give?

Life will go on? Passion will endure? Love will conquer all? Listen to your head but follow your heart? 

The most influential bit of advice I ever received that truly shaped my early career in my mid to late 20’s was “don’t take a job because there’s nothing else, chase and take the jobs you want.”

It served me well in career phase one. I thought it would be just that way for the duration then I’d retire. In between there would be life, love, family and folly along side work, life and culture.

Career 2 emerged in the wake of emerging social technology. I was definitely in the wrong place at the right time! Always trying to find my place. Absorbing adulthood and learning business, adapting and adopting digital, Its potential joyously screaming community, audiences, freedom, connection. 

That time was dark with diamonds.The kick in the teeth was Brexit. The light came with lockdown.

How do I give insight that goes in the face if normalcy? I feel baffled by the present. With all my focus I failed to work and find sustained employment. All my attempts to actively find work and further my career was hard and bore minimal fruit.

Now I see possibility as I am entering career 3 it was Jan 2020 I gave in to circumstance. By March we were in the now.

This now. The story continues.

No planned test of the Fire Alarm today.


At a venue based event, 'housekeeping' tends to include 'there is no planned testing of the fire alarm system today', the location of the toilets, timings of the key elements of the day, invariably the prescribed hashtags and perhaps the wifi code.

TOP TIP:  hashtags, Twitter handles and wifi code should be on 'table talkers' on each table, printed to appear at the top of each page of the event schedule/programme or on an easy to hand out info flyer.

For the extended audience, it's one major thing, 'What to do if the internet goes down'!

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Integrity & Ethics pay off - I still believe.

From shopkeeper to B2B business – flowing motion

I don’t know too many small entrepreneurs who have a plan of action let alone show any solidarity with others.  @pcmcreative of Nottingham is an exception.


When I first met Jo we talked about a Ning based social network for her village, Olney. Her policy research and her flowingmotion blog are for me highly informative if a little intellectual for my creative 'doing' brain and I learn so much about thought process from her. Yet another inspirational connection I made at MediaCamp Bucks and London. To read a comment in conclusion to a well thought out and considered blog post I am humbled to receive such praise. Thank you Jo.

Who are you?

IdentityTheft3-KIPSANG Online this is a question of no considered consequence and an arena for contrasting hysteria.


Signing up to a new network, registering on a site or subscribing to a service we freely give away our email address. It's a currency of sorts and we often don't see it in that way. The most common example is parting with your email address to download a white paper or access a PDF promising knowledge and insight. This transaction is an arrangement where you have given permission to receive updates from the producer of the knowledge or insight. Newsletter rules and regulations exist to prevent exploitation of email address connection.

Who are you?

An email address do not identify you. A street address does not define you. It locates you. Other forms of ID often accepted include utility bills. These do not define you they assert your commitment to make and maintain a payment schedule. What constitutes provable qualified identity?

Licence_image_14 Avatar is a word that have emerged with the digital age a symbol, image, picture or photo representing you in an online space. Is this also true of the offline world too? In the UK the major accepted forms of ID are a passport and a drivers license. But what if you have never traveled or learnt to drive a car? With a drivers license the introduction of the photo license is relatively new. "Until July 1998 driving licenses outside Northern Ireland did not have photographs. Anyone who holds a license issued before this date may retain their photo-less license until expiry (normally one's seventieth birthday) or until they change address, whichever comes sooner." wikipedia What about the 'old' birth certificate? No photo, no validity?

It's only when your life journey is halted because your face doesn't appear on apiece of plastic that you realise just how limited proving offline identity is. Sadly it ends a dream. In a few weeks my partner (a traditional media and oil painter) and I are due to make a pilgrimage to his childhood summer holiday retreat. For years he has wanted to take this holiday but the cottage is very popular. Its going to be this year and recently the announcement of iPhone 4's HD video, improved camera and combined connectivity... the all in one media capture and productivity devise for a artist to create media with out a pack full of kit.

Is there a solution or is identity in the commercial world destined to dissolve. Captured reflection the only real you?

Who are you?

Lace Market House opens her doors once again to MediaCampNottingham

MCN2 banner Some might say I'm a funny fish. Odd statement? Love meeting people, loath crowds. Enjoy a good gathering, don't like going out. Strange? For me MediaCampNottingham is the perfect event. My office is in Lace Market House so MediaCamp is my home from home. When I moved in to this building in Nov 2007 with its sweeping staircase and grand piano in the reception I smiled. The location was good.

Part of my agreement here with Nick Max Director of CHC-Land and overseer of Lace Market House and the NoStringsAttached initiative is to provide some social media guidance, online networking advise and digital streamlining to the facilities offered to LMH resident businesses.

MediaCampNottingham is genuinely an open doors, arms thrown wide event. The venue has not been hired especially for the event it was selected and seen with the view to hold mediacamp type events in. I was enamoured with the elegance and heritage. We now have 100mb Internet but the rooms are not filled with tech. The light on spring and summer days is enchanting.

MediaCampNottingham 1 took place in May 2009 - Lace Market House is opening her doors once again on March 27th. Sessions on the schedule include...

  • The evolution of our craft. A look at working in the media - 10 years back and ten years forward - @lesanto
  • Social media for NGO's Social media ethics - @presleysylwia
  • Connecting Nottingham's creative communities online - @susioneill
  • A very public beta. Five years in... - @iainsimons
  • Anatomy of a Campaign: Drupal, Social Media and Activism - @adamsargant & John Sargent
  • Social Media and Marketing - Oh, no, not again! Don't switch of... @fmpickering
  • Pitching a Cross Platform Television Idea to Commissioning Editors - @AlecMcPhedran
  • Your Doh Ray Me of  Social Media - Lessons Learned, Journeys taken, Future travel plans - @pcmcreative

There are still 10 days to go as I write this post and already the line up is buzzing with creativity.

MediaCampNottingham is using eventbrite as booking service. Entry is free and Lace Market House's IT infrastucture supplier, Excell Group are sponsoring MediaCampNottingham's lunch so all guests signed up through the Eventbrite site will get lunch prepared by local cafe and official coffee shop for MediaCampNottingham 2010, @HungryPumpkin

This will be my favourite event of the year well apart from MediaCampNottingham 3 in the Autumn.

Media Camp London 3 - part 2

MediaCamp is an "unconference". Once the date of an event is announced a wiki type collaboration web presence is created. Anyone wishing to attend, assist or present are free to update the collaborative space to declare their intentions.

MediaCampLondon3 was slightly different in that an event platform Eventbrite provided a payment system and event portal for delegates with the Venue details, sponsors, event info, directions and delegates signed up to attend in an Eventbrite event page. During sign up intention to present and a request for a session title was included in the form. Links included in the body of the event page aggregated relevant web content:

Here we are at part 2 of my MediaCampLondon post... after lunch

A suggested topic caught my eye when the event details first appeared online.

  • Social Media Ethics

Whether its codes of conduct, best practice or end user policy the accepted structural controls laid out relating to Social Technology are in their infancy. Protection or Oppression? Safe access or restricted boundaries? Who is the protected? Knowledge is power and with it comes responsibility. Following a consistent code of behavior and practice backing up open and honest engagement builds trust.

Since my first engagement with virtual worlds and then social media acceptable behavior in a space with faceless encounters and constructed reality, who are we? Has intriged me. Who are you?

Actors play their roles in a play, become the characters they portray but when the curtain goes down they are the character no longer. Playing roles, trying on different morals and behaviours is one of the underlying attraction to actors. Being someone else. The greatest actors draw from an inner reservoir of experiences but they slowly drown if they loose sight of who they really are. Identity is wrapped up with ethics.

I spent over 6 months playing one character in a play each performance was 60 minutes living as someone else. Playing a role and living your life. This is all very esoteric, how does this relate to social media?

Ethics at MediaCamp

MCL3 Sylwia Presley Sylwia Presley presented Social Media Ethics. The session began with a 20min presentation and continued as a Q&A discussion.

Sylwia talks with great authority using case study examples to illustrate her key headlines. Real stories, of successes and failings throughout the public consciousness of social media. And not illustrated ad-nausium with statistics.

- (N)etiquette
- Privacy/Content ownership
- Transparacy
- Accountability

.... Trust

The only difference between online and offline content is the communication channel. I knew I was going to learn valuable insights when Sylwia expressed this sentiment.

It was about message not method. Delivering a consistent message across an organisation needs formalising but as her presentation illustrated, not solidifying. These formalised rules set out guidelines of best practice. While referencing Twitter Sylwia noted Twitter ettiquette with ethics evolving as behaviours change. How to behave, what is acceptible? what is not. These things do change. The use of auto-response tweeting to new followers was just one example.

The field of Ethics is notoriously difficult to define. Everyone's ethics differ by degrees.

So...How to capture without distraction?

I decided to Qik, live stream to my Qik account. (with Sylwia's permission) The thing a like about this method of capture is not having content hanging around waiting for action. Point and Shoot, the upload takes place in real time and with a player embedded in my blog I have instant blog content. Qik also provides a share facility enabling me to tweet the fact I am streaming live in case any one in my network should want to watch.

Sylwia presented for 20 minutes which I streamed. The following Q&A I did not stream. This was a conscious decision one take, no distractions or frustrations that I just missed a great phrase. I listened as a delegate while capturing the content.

Set aside the time to watch this through. It contains gold dust! The slideshow is also embedded below. Sylwia blogged her MediaCampLondon day too.

Next up was my own session "Amb:IT:ion - helping creative organisations develop digitally", a reflection of the journey and understanding I gained working with the project.