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Lunchtime Livestream S4|E4 - First Jab & Unconference

These live streams are just about doing them. It's a simple goal but immediately achievable and I make media. I intend to make more focused work but the nature of my dyslexia means the ideas in my head all occupied the same space. The space of Here, Now and immediate decision making. I need to put some space in my brain. I need to increase my capacity to track and develop ideas.

I want to up my game in terms of studio presentation but I know that requires some extra prep and some design work. So much to do and my mind to structure it. I take small steps. I keep moving forward. Here is episode 4.


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Lunchtime Livestream S4|E3 - The Fate of the Freelancer

Since the start of the first lockdown, the world for many has come crashing down. For others the financial hardships of zero income pre-covid flipped to some income during Covid.

The creative explosion of online and the leaps forward in the populous embracing digital that makes 2021 scary.

Will there be a backlash to this digital arena? Will the access be cast aside and progressive boundaries be closed down.

Thats what I'm talking about today and... the death of a dream.

Guest - Alison Rouse

PCM Lunchtime Livestream's Series 2 on Facebook LIVE

PCM - Lunch Time Livestream

Thursday 20th February #Dyslexia and #Democracy

2020-02-20 12.10.50

It almost didn't happen. 10 minutes before the first soundcheck my MacBook decided to display the spinning beachball of doom from a restart initiated over 30 min previous. I was able to make the decision to swap out my ageing Mac for MinorOaks backup for loan Chromebook. All went well. You aren't going to get studio quality from the Lunchtime Livestreams... why? All guests are invited for their relevance and not their tech provision! I have lined Casee's album below if you want to hear the studio mastered version of the playout song, Super and the Hummingbird Album embedded from Bandcamp. 

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