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May Day


May is on its way out. The world has stopped but moves on a pace. Filled with horror and calm. 

I struggle with dyslexia. I see it has positives and I spin my experience to this end. However it’s left it’s legacy of insecurity.

My own self deprecation know depths that leave me shuddering in the dark. 
I feel the light I don’t understand it. It’s success and I travel towards it.

This is my year.


God damn it Twitter - again?

News sourcing and cross referencing to evaluate credibility is not easy. No one should take their news from a single source. 

I take glancing news from bbc news. Deeper insights and wider stories I use Ground News, NewsFlash and UK Press. To observe and keep in check my peer bubble I use Nuzzel. Over the last week I noticed it stopped updating.

I final asked Google “Why is Nuzzel not updating?”

“Twitter is working on a subscription service, hoping to get people hooked with incentives such as an Undo Send button. In its latest attempt to spice up this service Twitter acquired Scroll, which lets readers support their favorite publishers(including us) while blocking ads. This development also sunsets a personalized daily news service called Nuzzel, which is owned by Scroll.

If you're not aware of the app, it creates a personalized newsfeedusing the accounts one follows on Twitter (LinkedIn and Facebook too). The team at Scroll claimsit tried its best to keep the service alive but just couldn't make it happen. However, the CEO promises that the Nuzzel experience will be built right into Twitter in the future.”

Again... a service I use that is like no other. It’s been “acquired”.

It was the best news aggregator I’d found that showed me the interests of my direct network.



Long Eaton 360 - #1

Our towns and cities are not getting good press. Slow death, suffocated by big 24/7 supermarkets. It can seem that way. Retail is along from my career experience and it’s for that reason it’s a world that makes my high street part of my life and nothing to do with my work.

I want to keep A high street. It’s a social space designated for commerce. What can I do? I can share what’s here. I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I wanted to do something like this. In town today I stood outside Ucig a local e cigarette shop where my partner was buying vape liquids. 

I turned it the spot and noted the shops. A real mix. I was stood looking around. Here is the geolocation. https://goo.gl/maps/KRRCuPyceeKKDBcV7

  1. ShoeZone - https://www.shoezone.com/Stores/Long_Eaton-1770
  2. Ucig - https://www.ucig.co.uk 
  3. ProStart - https://www.prostartuk.co.uk
  4. EE Phone Shop
  5. M&B Nails - https://m.facebook.com/Manhbnail/
  6. Rowells - an old family store soon to be an indie micro pub https://www.micropubmagazine.co.uk/news/plans-revealed-for-a-new-micropub-in-former-long-eaton-shop
  7. Willow Tree Butchers - gone online https://willowtreebutchers.co.uk
  8. Howitt Street
  9. Kim’s Handmade Gifts - https://www.kimshandmadegiftshop.com/
  10. B&M - https://www.bmstores.co.uk/stores/long-eaton-237
  11. Ezone - https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063699962544
  12. Gibbs Street
  13. Café Brûlée’s - https://m.facebook.com/Cafe-Brule-100969105191566/
  14. Empty

Not every shop has a dedicated customer website. Some only have Facebook pages. Is that ok? Does a high street retail or hospitality outlet need a web presence?

How can a town support it’s high street and make it thrive.


Performance and Participation - Audience and Actor

Immersive experiences blur these lines. Who is paid and who pays. That isn’t blurry. 

Being part of the story or being the story. What does technology do to an experience? Entering the unknown or entering the familiar. A regular theatre goer returns to a familiar venue to see a new show. Where does lockdown position the theatre goer reside? At home in front of a screen or at home in a VR headset. Immersive mindset and consciousness. In reality or in virtual reality, what about suspending disbelief.

Where does watching Netflix sit with watching a show on a computer screen? What devise do people watch theatre?

Going forward the physical experience of theatre will be new again. The digital is a compromise and virtual is the absurd and unknown.

Audiences are curious.With digital entering the familiar what can this give to the theatre maker? What about the concepts of digital merging with technology?

The use and application of technology to the production environment.

East Midlands Participatory Forum. I’m keen to explore more, make and produce.

DYP - Developing Your Practice

I have a staged immersive production in my mind which will utilise a 3D real-time blended environment augmented with motion capture where the audience are also part of the set without it being implicitly declared.

I am putting an R&D application together with a fund writer and I have heard good things about a VR immersive graphics studio. I’m talking to the studio director on Monday to begin the realisation of the technological production components.

I'd like some costings and find out more about how studios work with production clients. There is a crypto NFT component I’m exploring. The production will be hi-tech, low-carbon footprint.

The production environment provides a sustainable stage with solar and eco power sources all this taken to the most remote location I can secure and the audience who reside there. Extreme Theatre! Living the dream Digital Producer & Theatre Maker. Taking extraordinary theatre to ordinary places far from the metropolitan population sensors. The most amazing theatre right on their doorsteps.

I have a plan to write.


No Internet or No Phone

Hanging out with Club House there are 2 worthwhile regular session you should drop in on.
Clubhouse Breakfast Club


9am in London - No Agenda, Only Vibes…


In the Breakfast Clubhouse, What does success look like? “I get to live life the way I want.” Was one response. I aspire to this wholeheartedly. 

I’m Caron. Creative Producer and Theatre Maker. I help creatives work smarter with technology. https://www.joinclubhouse.com/@pcmcreative

The conversation in the 9am In London... No Internet or No Phone? A compelling discussion with surprising responses for the hosts. There was a service, solution... apples or oranges fragmentation. Laptop or Mobile vs Wifi or 4G Data. It was interested to hear each respondents dilemma and definition. Voice call and Camera was set against Netflix and Laptop. Distraction or Detox were weighed up against self sufficient solitude or access to family.

Zoom is not the stage of the future... it’s the opera box

Keeping events simple is important. Friday’s Royal Historical Society virtual lecture was an intro and speaker, a Q&A then an end. Plus an audience. 

It has to be well presented. Music as the audience enters. The same sound to everyone. All hearing the same in preparation for the reason they are all there. A collective image is key also. A title slide reassuring attendees as they arrive they are in the right place and haven’t missed the beginning.
A well coordinated start and neatly concluded close are the next step. Online with everyone in or looking in the same direction, a screen is the collective experience.
It is time to blend. It’s time reimagine audience attendance. Scatter the points of presence and unify they in one point of focus.
Where is your camera pointing?--

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The day to vote is the day to stand.

9.00 am I walked down the street, turned left at the corner and in just a few minutes I’d arrived at Long Eaton town hall, votes and was heading home.

It was a duty but felt empty and unimportant. What would give it meaning? 
Today I submitted my nomination to stand as a candidate for the Equity committee elections. Standing for the Stage Management Committee.


My 2021 candidate statement.

“Stagemanagement in 2020 went 100% digital. It’s been digital to varying degrees ranging across an array of tasks and duties since social media emerged from Web2.0 victorious in the mid-noughties. I’ve been a Stagemanager since the late ’90s (digital since 2007) and stepping out from the pandemic digital stage-managing once again kicking and streaming! I’ve been an Equity member since 1995, I’m chair of the Online Branch. I’ve served on the SM committee several times. I’ve worked the fringe, toured on ITC contracts, resided seasons on UK Theatre agreements and currently I’m a freelancer using equity terms experience to guide me. My career has taken me from Butlins to Billingham from Reykjavik to Rome. The industry needs SM’s, we need solid, suitable contracts and expertise at the table to look after all our interests in the modern Physical, Digital and Virtual blended worlds. Vote me onto the committee.”

Are you an EquityUK member?
Elections take place with online voting that closes early July.

Mindfulness Cycles

Feeling numb? It’s a new perspective on my mindfulness cycles. It started to manifest just less than a week ago. I missed a zoom lecture that I intended to attend out of respect and interest for a team I’m working with. There was not expecting on my attendance but I have wanted to ‘show my face’ or in these times ‘list among the participants’. I reflected on my now and realised the then, when I should have been, and embracingly wasn’t. I had totally blanked. I felt like I’d blinked out and missed several hours. Really disconcerting.

It happened again only hitting the recognition circuit on receipt of an email asking if the link was correct 4 hrs after I should have hosted a late evening UK time social for the Online Branch. Horror! This is one I should have been at. This time wipe was disconcerted. Especially in the light of Thursday!

But it didn’t end. It was it seems uncontrollable. Even as I was experiencing it... very disconcerting. Almost up to the present and the writing of this post. Bank holiday was a Monday! Yes and for the previous 5 Mondays I’d been hosting Adam Curtis ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ zoom screening with catchup and conversation. Yep blanked that too.
Strangely and fortuitously so do the fellow regulars.

I needed a Brain pause and reset.

I will be mindfully observing that this Saturday.

For your hybrid and blended audience and event solutions... this way please.


A lot of the kit arrived today for the next PCM TechBox. Testing & unboxing heaven! Each commissioned TechBox is bespoke to the requirement of the client following discussions about the media the company or organisation need to make. This current box is a triple threat box! vlogging, video conferencing, media making. #ExtendTheAudience

This PCM TechBox is for the @UNESCO UK site Cromford Mills. 

The TechBoxes I build contains everything a marketing team, event or theatre company need to boss their video media making and live streaming as lockdown lifts. It is an all in one solution in a literal box. It includes a consultation, content creation strategy, set up and basic video/film making training. This intermediate package costs £4,500

This kit is compiled to splits into 3 parts. It is multipurpose multi-media.

  1. Mobile vlogging, social media and vox-pops.
  2. YouTube and podcast studio set up.
  3. Video conferencing and livestreaming.

Everything, including a laptop and the box it all goes in. Wondering how you blend or extend your audience after lockdown? Wondering how you livestream on a budget?

Whatever the output I provide a most current technology centred solution that can grow, scale and be augmented as your media making confidence is established. I'll help with workflow too so the content you capture makes it online.

So far

  • Stabilising hand-held gimbal with mobile phone and GoPro brackets
  • Mini shotgun mic (mobile and video camera jack cables)
  • Pocket video lightGoPro with waterproof housing
  • Cold shoe handheld rig for mobile and GoPro
  • 4K video camera (for capture and streaming)
  • Tripod
  • X2 table top dimming fill lights
  • Power ext with x4 13amp and x6 USB sockets
  • X2 Wireless lavelier mics (mobile and video camera jack cables)
  • Conferencing speaker with 360 mic pick-upCables & Accessories case

Items remaining will be determined based on the inter gratin of the tech acquired so far.

  • Projector (to view remote audience in the physical venue)
  • Screen Laptop (with video and audio editing software installed)
  • Tablet / Monitor / SwitcherStorage / Flight case
  • Portable power pack
  • Power extension Mobile WiFi

For a theatre company, events agency looking to explore hybrid opportunities there is not a better place to begin than a conversation with PCM.