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Reviving the High Street - @philcampbell - Sittingbourne - Nov 2014

There is much talk about independent high streets and the behemoth multi national superstores invading the gentility of shopping. Don't know why, but wicker baskets with cotton covers and visits to the butchers comes to mind. Pats of butter being wrapped in grease proof paper and dusty loose leaf tea in boxes. I am not that old (42), but often we are nostalgic far beyond our years!

Bringing social, breathing life into the modern retail environment of shopping is a huge challenge. And I think Phil Campbell has an affordable, digital-social, retail compatible solution which he talked about when invited to talk about ThePiStreet in Sittingbourne last November at 21st Century High St & Town Centre's half day seminar hosted by Kent Design.

I always enjoy Phil's delivery he is always knowledgeable and like me often rambles. But unlike me he is very good at staying on topic. This is a 15 min video edited down from 25 mins. It's a good overview of what PiStreet is and what it's been up to. Phil is currently developing the ideas and lessons learnt from the pilot installations in Nottingham and Derby as he continues to explore social technologies and representing big data in a meaningful way for audiences and the general public at large. 

The Twitter Paradox - The Twitter Ecosphere

There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Twitter is a paradox that redefines that old saying to, “If it’s broke, don’t fix it, because it works.”



The Twitter Ecosphere

Where do you start? This sums it up. We all need a little assistance when it comes to making sense of the social media landscape. This (see above with awe!) is just tools, services and platforms for Twitter! I have a set of twitter tools I use all the time. I'm constantly exploring new ones. Only a few make it in to my day to day working practice. This week will put them to the test as I monitor and engage with the imwithphil media stream across social networks. 

The project bringing Phil and Phylis Campbells from across the world for a party was going to be a media making opportunity but since it has become a relief effort it's going to push social media and it's capability to reach the masses with out a traditional intermediary which is IMHO our generations legacy. Reinforcement from traditional sources is vital but anyone can have a voice.

I'm looking forward to all the Phil Campbell action who every the Phil Campbell, who ever the story teller, what ever the media might be.

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