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Listen for fullstops


Is there something you do that annoys you so much but have no idea how to change it. It’s an adaption of the fundamental unconscious.


I interrupt the end of others sentences after perceiving I have heard what they are saying. It’s actually quite debilitating to my professional mobility. I think too loudly, I react too vehemently, I over think, over and over.


How do you listen for full stops?


It’s not intentional, it’s not impatience, I do fear I’ll forget all my words if I don’t speak in response when I do. I know the full stop hasn’t come no to mention the pause that follows. 


What is that? Is that anything?



Do you?

Do you get enough sleep?

Last night after an angst ridden day juggling deliverables and deadlines I had a early night, exhausted after deflecting a panic attack with a few tears and a multitude of magnificent hugs.

Mindfulness... it’s the name of the game right now and I am enjoying the journey. 

I slept! 

I’m using an app called Reflectly. Is where the quotes I post come from. It’s pure mindfulness.

Simple, clean and usable.

Check it out -


Bitcoin Blossoms #Cryptocurrency



My initial investment of £50 in a Bitcoin Mining venture is now worth, at the time of writing this post, £6,271.27


In 2014 I live-streamed for Cybersalon “Where is Bitcoin 2.0 Heading?” 


Video player with all the event speakers available on the linked page.


I wanted to understand and observe the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Blockchain and Crypto perspectives have been the greatest learnings. 


I currently have 2 points of presence for my Crypto experience.


- Blockchain - The App

- Celsius Wallet


I am not transacting in crypto. My value is split between Bitcoin, Cel and Stellar blockchains. Receiving interest on the Celsius platform has been the catalyst for the growth in value.


Ultimately it’s true worth in only unlocked if converted in to goods and services. I have always been on the look out for trading potential. I have never been paid in Bitcoin. I have never purchased anything using my cryptocurrency. A list of opportunities to  tick off in 2021.


My first encounter with digital currency was in SecondLife where it’s in-world currency Linden Dollars has an exchange rate to the British Pound. Yes I still have land in Second Life.


Anyone want to come build. anyone looking for a virtual space? SL Avatar - Katie Reve


Distilling Complexity #Legacy


Distillation (metaphorically) subjects a source to scrutiny before producing an interpretation in a simple yet considered form. 


In the literal process it’s reducing a liquid to its purest form.


Making sense of the business world I entered following my career phase 1 (1994 - 2005) on the back of the entertainment industry I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I emerged intuitive a world at the dawn of mainstream social media. I entered the arena via a side door having met my first business network connection in virtual world SecondLife. 


I genuinely didn’t know Twitter was new. I encountered a group of people doing things in a different way. Instead of communication with mobile voice and text they were using a more immediate communication they were calling status updating.


It changed my world.


Over the following few years 2006 - 20010 I attempted to distil my growing understanding for my self and for those I increasingly encountered as I traversed the line of freelance and entrepreneur, worker and sole trader. 


Transitioning from career phase 1 to phase 2 the only constant was my self employed status. A blessing and a curse. 


From this time I distilled 2 sets of principle frameworks. The 7 Roads of Social Media and The 4 privacy P’s. 


I used these in workshops, presentations and talk during those early days of social media. Many of the attendees and subsequent conversations led several entrepreneurs to excel and become agency executives. My fondest recollection is with Jed Hallam now Chief Strategy Officer at


The adage I found as a guiding principle came from Marcus Romer now a founding artist at Mutiny Projects.


“Don’t add technology to the way you do things, change the way you do things once you know what the technology can do.”


The 7 Roads framework was first compiled for the first public talk I delivered.


In July 2008 it was 6 points to open the discussion about leveraging social media for business.


The 7 Roads first featured in their current inception of 7 in Nov 2008


This was distilled into the foundation of the workshops and training corses I delivered marking the end of my career phase 2.


They stay with me, they are hard wired into my thinking but I have never written about them or how they inform development and strategy of business and creative production.

Social Media not now 2021

On Dec 27th I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my mobile devices. I may check them on my desk or laptop through a browser but at least until the end of January I won’t be posting directly to either platform or reading notifications.

For the last few years I have chosen a word to guide and inform my year. Last year (2020) was ‘boundaries’ this year (2021) is ‘mindfulness’. 

I know I need to evolve this quality in myself. I know I am at the beginning of understanding how to be more mindful in regards to my life. I know Facebook and Twitter compulsive consumption does not contribute to mindfulness.

I am posting this here and cross posting to Facebook and Twitter to share this with you, reading this.

I will be engaging with Linkedin.

Happy NewYear

Feel free to share in the comments.

On our way

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Arrived at Scotch Corner for bacon, sausage and omelette bap from Greggs. So far so potato! Then...


Vid 1 - Tow be or not Tow be! *dyslexic giggle*

Treshnish 2020 nearly ended before reaching the ferry port! Little Lupo is sitting this one out. Thank you Eden Garage for saving the day.

Photo 1 - Lupo

Photo 2 - Hire Car

I now have car tech to play with. Onwards to Oban

Video 2 - Blue Sky

Mainland stop over. Hugs and laughter and masks. Fish and Chips, ending the day with an internet 'click and collect' Tesco food shop.

I want to drop in a random PCM side note on each post. Today's is...
I discovered DICE thanks to tweet from James Whatley. Diversity & Inclusion at Conferences and Events certification -

Had to log in to manually resize photos and add to categories
Videos I attached were too large for Gmail to send.

Keep in Super Simple

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Blogging by email is very easy. It’s literally sending an email to your blog. Email address, the blog’s. Subject, the blog title. Email Body becomes the blog text.

I like to simplify but planning and prep can be the downfall of grassroots simplicity.

Generally moblogging will post EVERYTHING in the email body so removing the signature or making it blog post compatible is a must. I’m just clearing the email body so only the blog post is in the email.

The process should be, compose, post, check. The first time post check is important to make sure the post is as expected. Once happy with the result checking might not be immediately possible is live blogging ‘on the ground’.

Now, my blog is hosted on Typepad. Typepad does provide me with an email for this purpose.

It does instruct how to categorise the post but that bit isn’t behaving as I expected. Categories can we linked and produce auto updating feeds. Using action trigger services such as Zapier or IFTTT open up other distribution and cross posting opportunities. What to know more about that let me know in the comments.

I over complicated things by composing in iOS Note. Included photos, Vidio clips and links only to find I couldn’t copy to paste from the mobile version of the app with media and links inserted. 

So this... composed in Gmail on my mobile, photo attached with categories at the start as instructed (not expecting that to work it needs investigating) but I wanted to get a post out.

Simple often has its own minimalist complexion - don’t add complication. Simple is as simple does!

... and post

Made it to Mull


  • Categories had to be manually added later.
  • Photo size has to be manually reduced. Will optimise images before attaching in future.

Moblogging... mobile blogging

So it has been a while since I was blogging by mobile. A while since I serious blogged at all. Its time to fly. I have some great projects on the cards, topics I'm researching and hurdles I'm jumping, journeys I'm embarking upon, mountains I'm climbing. All that, I want to reflect on. Oh, and the 100k aspiration. That is quite exhilarating if a tad daunting.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

Make your Instagram Photos show up in your Twitter Timeline.

PICS not Links
Do you remember a time when you posted to Instagram, cross-posted to Twitter and your photo displayed in all its glory?

That stopped quite a while back following a dispute over API shenanigans which I have to confess I know nothing about.

However, I do know how to get Instagram pictures to display in Twitter just like the good old days.

Not sure what I mean?

This is an Instagram post shared to Twitter from the Instagram share to Twitter setting


This is an Instagram post shared using the technique outlined in this HowTo worksheet.

Here is the How To... post photos from Instagram into Twitter and have the picture display instead of a link.

It uses a service called IFTTT (If This Then That) it has a multitude of uses supporting more services than you ever knew existed!

You are going to create an IFTTT account, I sign in with my Google ID. You will locate a 'recipe' (the name given to instruction constructed in IFTTT) and activate it to perform the action each time you post a photo to your Instagram feed.

IF I post THIS on Instagram  THEN post THAT to Twitter

I hope that sounds logical. IFTTT is all about logic statements which trigger actions.

In a nutshell... 

The Steps.

  • Create an IFTTT account.
  • Locate a predefined 'recipe' (the name given to instructions constructed in IFTTT)
  • Activate the Instagram instruction to ‘run’ the action each time you post a photo.

Need more instruction? Here the step by step tutorial sheet.

Favourite Things


Online community, digital curating. YouTube subscription, Instagram Stories. Blogging and giveaways, Facebook page groups... these are few of my favourite thing!

I love digital. Mobile computing is just... I think my younger self would approve. I like augmented analogue just as much. Being able to fuse the modern and the traditional tends to bring a greater sense of satisfaction from the resulting manifestation be it event, artwork or life lesson.

and yes Brown paper packages tied up with string... these are a few of my favourite things.

Last month I ran a giveaway in the Equity Online Branch with 10 Equity branded torches. Entering to win one was simple. Visit the Online Branch Chat Room, locate the Torch Giveaway chat thread and add your name to the comments. To some, it may seem trivial but in the absence of a marketing or development budget (all Equity branches are run my member committees and not financed by EquityHQ) building the Online Branch through small acts of curiosity is the epic battle of engagement at zero cost. Why? Believe me, I often ask myself that very question. The Union that provided a foundation for contractual stability in many of the jobs I have undertaken over the years, I want to give back.

I also want to keep moving forward. New horizons are opening up where the old traditions start to encompass the new media while new continues to innovate and find ways to demand our creativity before the mainstream catches up and negotiates contractual situations and conditions.

Equity's online branch is an exercise in monitoring digital adoptions. Who can, who can't, who will and who won't. The organisation is the attraction and the communication platforms and engagement option have to accommodate the members. The most effective and cost effective don't always align. Multichannel, multi media, most accessible are different in many cases. Building a holistic community from a multitude of networks is an evolving process requirement cross platform teams with a central hub. In theatre, this is the production office serviced predominantly my stagemanagement.

In theatre, this is the production office serviced predominantly my stagemanagement.

Who is your stagemanager?

Are you familiar with the role of stagemanagement?

What is the equivalent department that looks after cross departmental communication, resource acquisition and distribution?

When this is a topic for another post.