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Traffic #back2physical or back to 2009?

There are 2 blog posts written years ago that get the most traffic.

One is What is Twittbot? A long defunct twitter collaboration platform which enabled multi user posting to an account without sharing a password. I wrote it in 2009! The platform is gone. 

The second is about the Echo Livescribe pen. Some of the pens have the LED screen fault. This post addressed a workable solution to enable continued use if purchasing a new pen wasn’t an affordable option.

Now I’m daily blogging I’m frustrated that also written in 2009 it with the TwitBott post gets more daily hits than all my recent 2021 efforts put together!

This blog is about sustaining mindfulness. For that it is serving it’s purpose.

I’m rather anxious as the world pivots back to physical that like waking from a paralysis to final get to be on par with my expertises I’m sink back into a slumber once the world wakes back up.
I only just found my feet.

I just hope I can keep my balance.


Defining PCM services - On the Ground

I'm creative a series of 'in perspective' short presentation to help everyone understand what PCM has to offer. The real-time presence at events support availible is ecclectic and all PCM clients are unique. This is the first looking at the real-time event presence offered called On the Ground. What do you think?

This is early days, a work in progress. The URL in the presentation is not yet live and the QR code resolves to the PCM main website. Eventually the QR will take you to the On the Ground page with resourses and case studies, the current 'On the Ground' project and latest PCM & activity.